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OldSQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL, Huh?

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We are in the middle of a database revolution. NoSQL is disrupting the database world by innovating in three ways:

1. New database architectures (software and hardware) to handle the large and ever growing velocity and volume of data dispersed across geographically distant data centers.
2. New graph and document modeling paradigms that compete with object, relational, and dimensional.
3. Schemaless databases to enable extreme agility of software development and rapid changes to huge data sets.

This presentation gives definitive technical answers to the following questions:

* What exactly is noSQL, newSQL, and oldSQL?
* When should you choose to use noSQL, newSQL, or oldSQL?
* What is the best noSQL solution?
* Is noSQL ready for the enterprise?
* Can you live with the consequences of choosing noSQL?

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