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Real-World Data Governance: Governing Data – Big and Small, Come One Come All

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With Big Data being such a hot topic, a frequent question for panels at conferences and on webinars has been “is there any such thing as Big Data Governance?” Bob Seiner has been asked that question many times in many venues. In this webinar Bob tries to answer that question once and for all. Perhaps you will agree with him. As always, there is a strong chance you won’t.

As many organizations consider Big Data solutions they recognize that there are aspects of big data that require specific attention. Some of these management issues are the same as issues with normal size or small data. Some of these management issues differ. What are the differences and what impact do they have on the governance of that data?

Join Bob Seiner and DATAVERSITY for a Real-World Data Governance webinar focused on investigating the similarities and differences between managing and governing big data versus small data.

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