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The CDO Agenda - Data Security and Encryption

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If you're not terrified, you're not paying attention.

Every organization in the world, large and small, should be concerned about Data Security. Virtually every week there’s a well-publicized and embarrassing data breach that serves to remind how important it is to protect both customer and enterprise information.

Tools and techniques exist to help, for managing identity, authentication, and authorization. Encryption is also an effective way of making it harder for people to steal your secrets. But it isn't magical, it isn't fool proof and, depending on how you are using it, may be completely useless. You don't have to understand the math (although that will help), but you do have to understand what encryption will and won't do for you.

Data and web security today
Protecting data in transit
Protecting data at rest
What advantage does Encryption provide?
How can you build encrypted data protection into your software and systems?
Are there business trade-offs?
Implications for specific industries (financial, health)

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