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The future of bi isn't a bi tool

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Business data has changed radically. Enterprises today use thousands of SaaS applications and business systems that create more data than ever imagined, resulting in a struggle for users to gain holistic and actionable insights. Organizations need a solution to simplify the end to end workflow-- from data prep and governance to visualization, delivery, and action. This webinar will reveal a proven solution with real world examples and how it creates future opportunities for your organization.

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The future of bi isn't a bi tool

  6. 6. This “telephone” has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. William Orton, President of Western Union, 1876
  7. 7. The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to no one in particular? Investor, responding to David Sarnoff 1921
  8. 8. Nuclear powered vacuum cleaners will probably be a reality within 10 years. Alex Lewyt, 1955
  9. 9. Remote shopping, while entirely feasible, will flop. Time Magazine, 1966
  10. 10. ThefutureofBusinessIntelligence
  12. 12. DANIEL MINTZ
  13. 13. The Future of BI isn't a BI Tool Daniel Mintz Chief Data Evangelist
  14. 14. The World of Data is Changing
  15. 15. Three big trends 1 2 3 SaaS apps are exploding Infrastructure has evolved Everyone wants data
  16. 16. Trend #1 Business Applications are exploding
  17. 17. How many SaaS apps have you used today?
  18. 18. BI Dashboards Have Big Competition Today most data is consumed outside of the BI tool, delivered into the user workflow
  19. 19. “Spending and focus on traditional query and reporting BI environments will shift dramatically to ... analytics integrated into business operations and digital solutions.” Gartner, 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2022
  20. 20. SaaS apps are growing like crazy Netskope, 2018 The average enterprise uses 1,100+ Saas apps to run their business
  21. 21. Between 2018 to 2023,500 million new apps will be created IDC: FutureScape: Multiplied Innovation Takes Off, Powered by AI, Distributed Public Cloud, Microservices, Developer Population Explosion, Greater Specialization and Verticalization, and Scaling Trust
  22. 22. All applications today are data applications
  23. 23. Problem: Creating islands of departmental data Sales Marketing Service Product Finance
  24. 24. 3000+ Workbooks 1000+ SQL Snippets 1500+ New ad-hoc requesters Traditional Data Wrangling Approaches Can’t Keep Up 5000+ Lines of ETL code
  25. 25. ©Looker2019.Confidential Embedded Analytics Departmenta l BI Specific Use-Cases Analytics isolation is everywhere ▪ Repeats work ▪ Difficult to manage ▪ Rigid, sharing is limited ▪ Brittle and unscalable Business Data Business Data Business Data Decision-making should not be constrained by data silos
  26. 26. Trend #2 Everyone needs data. Everyone.
  27. 27. We expect data when we shop…
  28. 28. in our pockets…
  29. 29. to guide our way…
  30. 30. even when we chill.
  31. 31. The data-hungry workforce has arrived Growth Hacker Quantitative Marketer Data Driven Product Manager Sales & Revenue Ops Analyst DevOps Engineer Customer Success Manager
  32. 32. Companies that use data effectively are: More likely to grow revenue 240%178% More likely to build sustainable competitive advantage Forrester Research: The State of Insights-Driven Business Maturity, 2019
  33. 33. ▪ Deliveroo thrives on self-service access to data, right where it’s needed ▪ Business is tightly connected to data – better, faster decision making ▪ Data teams focus on strategy and supporting business growth Literally, data-driven
  34. 34. We won’t reach everyone with BI.
  35. 35. 66% of companies still use Excel for the majority of BI Source: Forrester Research, Business Technographics® Global Data And Analytics Survey
  36. 36. How can we create a data platform that serves our whole organization?
  37. 37. There is hope.
  38. 38. Trend #3 Data infrastructure has evolved.
  39. 39. Databases are bigger faster cheaper ELT is simpler and iterative SQL remains the standard Data engineering trends provide hope Removing constraints on analytics
  40. 40. Cloud database year over year growth
  41. 41. Cloud databases have changed our world of all databases will be cloud by 2023* ▪ Massive scale ▪ Power and performance ▪ Elasticity ▪ Ease of use ▪ Low cost ▪ Improved security 75% *Source: Gartner Market Guide for Database Platform as a Service,Donald Feinberg, Rick Greenwald, Adam Ronthal, 14 December, 2018
  42. 42. So... What is the future of business intelligence?
  43. 43. Modern Data Warehouse: Modern cloud databases will continue to provide massive gains in cost, size, speed, analytics. Rise of SaaS Applications: Data exhaust will only grow. Analytics must evolve to encompass these new sources. Guiding principles for the future Data Driven Workforce: Actionable insights for everyone, when & where they need them.
  44. 44. The Future of BI… is not (only) a BI tool
  45. 45. ©Looker2019.Confidential Purpose-built Applications: Digital Marketing
  46. 46. ©Looker2019.Confidential Purpose-built Applications: Web Analytics
  47. 47. ©Looker2019.Confidential Purpose-built Applications: Incident Reporting
  48. 48. ©Looker2019.Confidential Custom applications for specific user needs ▪ Purpose-built application with approachable, tightly-controlled interface for a great experience ▪ Designed to scale to 500k+ users at a time with consistent underlying data platform ▪ Great user experience became a differentiator and saved on support & maintenance, too
  49. 49. ©Looker2019.Confidential Data in the hands of customers becomes a competitive edge ▪ Only 8% of companies report having usable HR data ▪ Data embedded to surface that data, simply ▪ Easy access to data a major differentiator
  50. 50. ©Looker2019.Confidential Data responds like a human, while you work ▪ Ask questions directly in Slack like you would ask a person ▪ Rapid follow-up on questions and quick filtering of results ▪ Data access is streamlined, simple, and intuitive
  51. 51. "Which technology area do you think is most important to helping your business differentiate and win?” Source: 2018 CIO Agenda: Global Perspectives on the New Job of the CIO, Tomas Nielsen, Andy Rowsell-Jones, Jan- Martin Lowendahl, Chris Howard, 12 MArch 2018
  52. 52. The Future of BI is a Data Platform Actionable insights delivered when and where they’re needed A new architecture with the flex and scale to tackle the modern data ecosystem Return to a unified, trusted, and complete view of all your business data
  53. 53. Any SQL Database SaaS Apps Business Planning Web Analytics Business Intelligence Self-Serve Exploration Visualization Export SDK iFrame Javascript Business Operations and Workflows Email Actions S3 API API for Data Git Version Control JDBC Connections User Management & Security Transactional DBs ©Looker2019.Confidential Embedding and Customization Robust Data Analytics Shared Data Foundation Governance & Unified Metrics Great Data Experiences Total Flexibility The Looker Data Platform
  54. 54. 100% In-Database Radically simplifies DataOps Leverage modern data warehouse technologies Business users discover insights on the entire data set Data federation and virtualization 110% API coverage Every query and visualization is addressable by URL Simple extensibility and connectivity to web services Applications and Workflow Integrations Extensible Web Architecture Build data-driven apps Differences of the Looker Data Platform Flexible Modeling Layer Single source of truth Store and manage all business definitions in one central location Looker intelligently reads relationships between tables in your database Enables business users to access and build on complex datasets ©Looker2019.Confidential 42
  55. 55. Resonates With Customers Across the Spectrum eCommerce & Marketplaces Media FinanceHealthTechnology
  56. 56. Looker’s flagship, multi-day conference is November 5 - 7, 2019 in San Francisco, CA at SVN West.
  57. 57. Thank you! Resources: https://info.looker.com/ Blog: https://looker.com/blog Upcoming Events: https://looker.com/events Request a personal demo: https://looker.com/demo Email us: hello@looker.com