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  1. 1. DAVALABI HALLI Contact Number : 9742470523/Email : dhhalli13@gmail.com CAREER OBJECTIVE To work in a creative and challenging environment where I can constantly learn new things and successfully deliver solutions to problems by using the skills gained TECHNICAL SUMMARY JAVA:  Very Strong in OOPS concepts like:  Polymorphism  Inheritance  Encapsulation  Abstraction  Strong in Core Java programming.  Very good knowledge of Method overloading and Method overriding.  Having good understanding of Interfaces.  Knowledge on Arrays String, String Buffer and String Builder.  Having Knowledge about Exception Handling.  Logical usage of Collection Framework.  Good in Thread concept. JDBC:  Good understanding of JDBC architecture.  Having knowledge on JDBC Transaction and Batch Updates.  Having knowledge on Statement, Prepared Statement and Callable Statement. SQL:  Having good knowledge on RDBMS concepts.  Good knowledge on joins and sub queries. TECHNICAL SKILLS  Programming Languages - JAVA.  Web Technologies - HTML4.0.  Database - MYSQL, ORACLE 10G, SQLite.  Development Tools/IDE - Eclipse, Android Studio, Edit plus.  Operating Systems - Windows, Linux. EXPERIENCE
  2. 2. Currently working with Virtusa Software Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore as Associate Engineer - Technology since June 22, 2015 in the field of Project Development and Application Support Maintenance. Currently I am involved in the project which relates to Operations Support System (OSS). I am working as an ASG (Application Support Group) resource under the OSS- ASMplatform Associate Engineer - Technology Key Projects: Title : BT OSS ASM Period : June 15 to till date Client : British Telecom UK Role : Software Engineer  This project is an Application Support and Maintenance project which involves 105 applications to be monitored and maintained by a team of 40 members. Operations Support System is an implementation of functionalities in British Telecom to support the Legacy systems in order to provide End to End business solutions.  Working on Bridge Clarify tool which is used to log fault. Also involved in development of tool using clear basic language. DETAILS EDUCATIONAL PROFILE  B.E(CSE) from Tontadarya College of Engineering, Gadag. Affiliated to VTU University Belgaum, with 67.44% marks in the year 2014.  Diploma from Anjuman-E-Islam Polytechnic, Gadag. Affiliated to Board of Technical Education, with 75% marks in the year 2011.  SSLC from V Muncipal Composite Junior College Gadag. Under the Karnataka Secondary Education board, Government of Karnataka, with 65.60% marks in the year 2005. PROJECTS • DIPLOMA PROJECT:UDYOG.COM It is web-based application that provides information about jobs and to post jobs available at only one site. • B.E PROJECT: NGSM(Next Generation Smart Messenger) Provides means of assistance of storing contact automatically (Advance Vcard) when received from remote mobile, sending Sms to the store contact from other mobile using present mobile as router, and to fetch contents plain text file as well as to store the contents to a file.
  3. 3. ACHIVEMENTS 1. Participated in Technical Quiz at National Level Techno Cultural Fest-13 organized by B.I.T.M. , Bellary. 2. Participated in WORKSHOP on “SOFTWARE TESTING AND VALIDATION” organized by T.C.E. Gadag. 3. Participated in 2 days WORKSHOP on “ANDROID” organized by T.C.E. Gadag in association with MSSPL, Kanpur. 4. Participated in WORKSHOP on “ETHICAL HACKING” organized by T.C.E. Gadag. 5. Internship in VISL/SAIL at Bhadrawati. HOBBIES/INTEREST My hobbies are Listening music, playing video games, reading comics, cooking and interested in learning new technologies. PERSONAL DETAILS Date of birth : 13/06/1989 Father’s name : HAJARATSAB P. HALLI Nationality : Indian Languages known : English, Kannada, Hindi I do hereby declare that the above furnished information is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place : Bangalore (DAVALABI HALLI)

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