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Salt Lake City Fireworks Information

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Fireworks use and sales guide for Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City Fireworks Information

  1. 1. Fireworks Use and Sales Guide
  2. 2. Defining the differences between old and new fireworks. Fireworks sales in temporary structures Fireworks sales in permanent structures Fireworks safety in use State Rule R710-2
  3. 3. Safe And Sane Aerial Device
  4. 4. 1. Up to 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition 2. Tubes minimum of ½ inch apart 3. Tubes secured to a wooden or plastic base 4. Tubes separated with wooden or cardboard insert 5. Mortar size up to a 3” maximum
  5. 5. Permit is required. Issued by the SLCFPB Site under supervision of 18 year old, minimum. Minimum age to sell, 16 years old. Constant visual supervision 25’ clearance from combustible materials
  6. 6. 50’ clearance from flammable liquids, gases or other highly flammable materials Displays shall not impede egress. Display shall not exceed 6’ in height from surface of the floor Rack storage of Class C fireworks is prohibited. No sales from residence, including garages.
  7. 7. No sleeping in tents, stands or trailers used for storage or sale of fireworks. No open flame heating or cooking devices Customer can only have direct access to prepackaged class C state approved explosives. Pre packaged fireworks are those in clear plastic wrap or equivalent which prevent fuse from being accessible to customer. Locking or site security required for overnight storage of fireworks.
  8. 8. Fireworks Stand,Tent, andTrailer Minimum Separation Distances per Utah R-710-2 20’ Combustibles *25’ Another Tent or Stand 50’ 20’ Fireworks Sales Stand,Tent orTrailer 25’ 50’ Flammable Liquids, Propane Other Buildings Fences, and Property Lines *NOTE: Utah Fireworks Code, R 710-2.3.7 All retail sales locations shall be kept clear of dry grass or other combustible material for a distance of at least 25 feet in all directions. Generator and FuelCan Vehicle Parking and Roadways Storage Container 5’
  9. 9. 3 Choices for Display of Aerial Devices  Physically separate and require sales personnel assistance to retrieve.  Display is within 25’ of a designated employee workstation with constant visual supervision by direct line of sight at all times. (No product on the backside of display.)  Display is within 40’ of a designated employee workstation with constant visual supervision by direct line of sight at all times and devices are placed in a containment bin or are wrapped in extra packaging that would need to be punctured or torn to gain access to the fuse.
  10. 10. Aerial fireworks must be placed for sale in a location that gives customers access to the devices just prior to checking out and exiting the store. Customers should not be allowed to place fireworks in cart and proceed with shopping. Make sure to ask to see where fireworks are being stored. All criteria apply.
  11. 11. Signage:  Designed to travel 150’ into the air  Ignition instructions  16 year age limit for handling and operating  30’ clearance requirement  150’ clearance requirement from point of sale  Instruction to read and obey all safe handling instructions before use.  State regulated dates for use.  No Smoking
  12. 12. Have a ready source of water available.  Connected hose is best  Fire extinguisher, bucket of water Assign someone as the fire watch.  Responsible for water or extinguisher  Should observe for sparks hitting the ground Assure launch site has 30’ radius of clearance from base of firework
  13. 13. Place fireworks on level surface Clear out all dried leaves and combustible debris a minimum of 25’ Never smoke or consume alcohol around fireworks. Always wear eye protection. Read labels
  14. 14. “Fan” or “z” aerial repeaters must face a certain direction relative to the audience due to direction of expelled of pyrotechnic elements.
  15. 15. Bracing of Aerial Repeaters Fireworks
  16. 16. Fireworks can be sold June 23rd through July 27th Fireworks may be used 3 days before and after and the day of the holiday. Fireworks use timeframe:  11:00 am – 11:00 pm 3 days before and after  11:00 am – 12:00 midnight July 4th and 24th