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Bagel time ppt presentation1

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Busy Bagel Restaurant. Heavy Breakfast & Lunch Business 6 days a week, Prime Miami Beach Location. Gross Sales for January 2015 are $105,387. The rent is $5700 monthly for 2,200 square feet. There are 65 seats inside plus outdoor seating. There is a full kitchen with lots of walk in refrigeration and dry storage. The owners are slammed with business. There is lots of walk in traffic and big corporate catering opportunities in the area. The owners are interested selling because there is not enough time dedicated to their family and they are overwhelmed. If you are looking for a busy bagel deli with heavy breakfast & lunch business, on Miami Beach then you should consider this business. There are 7 employees on the payroll and this business may qualify for a VISA. Good books and records, and will pass due diligence. for more information contact Dave Walis at dw@restaurantsalesgroup.com / 305-450-3077.

Special Features

Busy Bagel Deli
Great Miami Beach Location
Near Many Residences, Businesses, Hospital
Lots of Walk in Traffic
Big Corporate Catering Opportunities
Gross Sales for January 2015 $105,387
Rent is: $5700 monthly all in.
2,200 Square Feet
70 Seats
Outside Seating Available
Full Kitchen with Hood
Lots of Walk in Refrigeration and Freezer
Lots of Dry Storage
7 Employees on Payroll
May Qualify for A Visa
Good Books and Records

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Bagel time ppt presentation1

  1. 1. Bagels and a Schmear – Miami Beach Asking Price is: $299,000 Presented by: The Restaurant Sales Group Contact: Dave Walis dw@restaurantsalesgroup.com 305-450-3077 www.restaurantsalesgroup.com
  2. 2. Bagel Restaurant and Deli For Sale. Asking Price is $299K.
  3. 3. Gross Sales for January 2015 are $105,387
  4. 4. 70 Seats, 2,200 Square Feet Inside, plus Outside Seating Area
  5. 5. Rent is $5,700 Monthly All in – 9 years total remain on lease
  6. 6. Fully Equipped Kitchen and Hood Recently Renovated.
  7. 7. For More Information Contact: Dave Walis dw@restaurantsalesgroup.com 305-450-3077 www.restaurantsalesgroup.com