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Hack Yourself: Building A Pentesting Lab For Fun and Profit

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We all want to improve our skill sets, right? Reading is great, but there is no experience like actually 'doing it'. In this module, we will discuss how to build your own hacking lab from the ground up, for next to no cost. We will also discuss the various free penetration testing distributions, as well as the intentionally vulnerable virtual machines you can practice anything on from phishing, to web app testing, to exploits, and more.

David Boyd (@fir3d0g) is a penetration tester for Contextual Security Solutions in Knoxville, TN. He is a Christian, new father, and lover of Mt. Dew, video games and geek culture. He is a breaker of things for over 10 years IT related in everything from education, military, retail, government, media, to law firms and hospitals. He has also found Waldo and Carmen Sandiago.

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Hack Yourself: Building A Pentesting Lab For Fun and Profit

  1. 1. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln
  2. 2. ”Any fool can know, the point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein
  3. 3. + + = $$$
  4. 4. Kali Linux •https://www.kali.org/ Pentoo •http://www.pentoo.ch/ Backbox •https://backbox.org/ SamuraiWTF (Web App Testing) •http://samurai.inguardians.com/# SamuraiSTFU (Utility Hacking) •http://www.samuraistfu.org Deft Linux (Forensics) •http://www.deftlinux.com
  5. 5. Windows XP Windows Server Microsoft Exchange Windows 7
  6. 6. Nmap/Masscan (Scanning) Nessus (Vulnerability Scanning) Cain (ARP Poisoning) Responder (MiTM) JohnThe Ripper/Hashcat (Hash Cracking) Metasploit (Exploits) SET/GoPhish/SPF (Phishing) Discover Scripts (OSINT) PowerShellEmpire (Powershell Scripts) CrackMapExec (Post Exploitation)
  7. 7. • Twitter: