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  1. 1. Comenius project: we meet, know, share…learn 1. Let´s go 2. Our school is collaborating in this Comenius project with your school in Poland, Bulgaria Portugal and Turkey, as all of you know. And everybody in our school is very happy with this partnership. 3. During the last school year, we learnt a lot. We met new friend, we got to know about your countries and, of course, we improved our English, the use of computer and the internet. 4. We started our collaboration by introducing ourselves: we sent mails with messages and photos of each group that participated in the project, and received messages and photos of our partners. It was important to get to Know one another before starting to work together. 5. At the same time, we were learning about Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey and Poland. In our school, we learnt where they are, what are their capital cities, what is their currency and a little of their history... 6. We created a space on our website and a notice board in the hall of the school to inform our families and friends about what we were doing. Later, we also had a web site for the project. 7. We learnt what a logo is, we designed one and voted to chose the Polish logo. That we liked the best. 8. At Christmas and Easter time we exchanged texts, presentations, presents, pastries... and we learnt how these festivals are celebrated in each country. 9. In February we had our first meeting in Spain. We worked hard to prepare but we learnt and enjoyed it a lot. We made new friends, we shared our homes, our school and our work with them. It was fantastic! 10. The ninth of May is Europe Day, and we celebrated it in our school. We learnt a lot more about these countries, about their traditional tales, reading two tales from each country, illustrating and making a book with them. We learnt about their and music listening to it in music class, some interesting customs, their food, their history, their important people. We made a card game and a board game and we prepared a show to tell everybody what we had learnt. 11. In June, there was a new meeting in Poland. When our mates came back they told us this is a wonderful country. We could see the photos and learnt about your traditional dances. They are so nice! 12. We are looking forward to working and learning more from this project this school year!