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DR. DAVID KENNETH WALDMAN                707 President Street Apt 1818  Baltimore, MD 21202  410.528.8294 443.831.0085 ...
Lead Adjunct Instructor/Course Author                                                        2012 to PresentUCLA Extension...
Direct classroom instruction in multiple school districts in Colorado. Won a teaching contract based on performance andach...
Founder/President/Publisher/Author Rebecca House International Publishing, San Francisco, CA 1985 to PresentWrote, Designe...
UN WRITTEN STATEMENTSAccepted Written Statement to the 2012 High Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)...
•      Board Director, Center for Media & Peace Initiative 2010 to Present                                                ...
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Uniquely experienced educator; expert in public policy, international nongovernmental organizations, and gender justice, offering the benefit of 36 years experience to inform positive social change

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David kenneth waldman's_2012_cv_mayv31

  1. 1. DR. DAVID KENNETH WALDMAN 707 President Street Apt 1818  Baltimore, MD 21202  410.528.8294 443.831.0085 davidkennethwaldman@gmail.com  www.tolovechildren.org http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidkennethwaldman SUMMARY • Accomplished career reflects successful experience as educator, social entrepreneur, and nongovernmental organization leader and subject matter expert. • Instrumental in driving positive social change through uniting people at the grass roots level to influence top government decision makers to implement educational development policy. • Obtained Special consultative status in United Nations Economic and Social Council. • Gained a positive reputation as a liaison across the education, non-profit, private, and government sectors. • Expert in public policy, gender justice, and educational development for girls in the developing world. • Extensive experience in the design, delivery, evaluation, and enhancement of effective curriculum programs. • Highly articulate and effective communicator with excellent team-building and interpersonal and intercultural communication skills. • Work well with individuals across all sectors and levels. Recognized as creative problem solver and manager. • Developed and implemented solutions to aid local communities to enhance education for girls. • Applied overall public policy expertise to impact local community strategic goals. Uniquely experienced educator; expert in public policy, international nongovernmental organizations, and gender justice, offering the benefit of 36 years experience to inform positive social change EDUCATIONPh.D, Public Policy & Public Administration, Walden University, School of Public Policy and Public Administration,Minneapolis, MN 2011. Specialization: International Non Governmental Organizations GPA: 3.93Dissertation: A Situational Analysis of Human Rights and Cultural Effects on Gender Justice for Girls. CommitteeChair: Dr. Anthony Leisner , Methods Expert: Dr. Marilyn K. Simon, University Research Reviewer Dr. Tanya SettlesMaster’s Degree, International Relations, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA 2001. Focus: Human Rights forChildren & International Sustainable Education Development GPA: 3.5Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Queens College, Queens, NY 1976. Minor: Behavioral Sciences. New YorkState Teaching Credential, Colorado Teaching Credential, and California State Substitute Teaching Credential. Dean’sList. GPA: 2.99 TEACHING EXPERIENCEVersatile educator, with 36 years extensive background in educational consulting, curriculum development, educationalpublishing, and direct classroom instruction; Elementary-University level. Background includes training educators,consulting with education specialists, curriculum directors, and educational publishers to tailor curriculum and teachingmodels to meet specific needs. Experienced educator at elementary and university level. Conducted numerous teacherprofesional development workshops.Implemented train the trainer curriculum workshops based on UNICEF Model. WORK EXPERIENCERadio Talk Show Host The Global Childhttp://webtalkradio.net/shows/the-global-child/ 2012 to PresentThe Global Child gives a voice to vulnerable children, their challenges of obtaining human rights, gender equality, andgender justice. Conversations of promise with a diverse range of experts from civil society and the UN. Educators,governmental officials and child advocates are interviewed and asked about innovative ideas and solutions for positivesocial change.Page | 1
  2. 2. Lead Adjunct Instructor/Course Author 2012 to PresentUCLA Extension Nonprofit Management CertificationWrite curriculum and syllabus for new course X470 titled: : The Evolving Role of Nonprofits in Society: Activism,Advocacy, and Social ResponsibilityAdjunct Faculty 2010 to PresentUniversity of Phoenix OnlineTeach Public Policy courses for Bachelor level Course BPA/302 Politics and Citizenship: and Master level The PublicPolicy Environment. MGT/522 Public Administration-Institutions and Processes, and MGT/572: Public Policy Planningand Implementation.Faculty CouncilSchool of Business, University of Phoenix 2011 to PresentFaculty Council Roles and Responsibilities: • Provide specific Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for the degree areas • Assist with programmatic assessment and review. Review curriculum relative to industry changes/standards • Conduct research in areas such as trending for courses, new texts, and class asset searches, library searches • Serve on the UOPX University Library Review Board for college/content areas • Assist with multimedia searches specific to content that may not be publisher based • Assist or create simulations, podcasts and other multimedia assets • Complete curriculum standards alignment. Design assignment specific rubrics • Review elements of the new platform. Serve as members of strategic planning initiatives • Assist with accreditation work. Prepare for site visits, assist in document writing, and attend site visit meetingCurriculum Developer 2008 to 2009Laureate Education Online, Baltimore, MDCourse Developer: Human Services/Public Policy Domain:Developed course level outcomes, objectives and curriculum based upon knowledge gained within the Product Domainand with Content Experts to generate an understanding of program level objectives. Guided the creative process indevelopment sessions with team members, Created documents that outline the overall objectives of the curriculum andallowed for the development of college-level online course content. Ensured that the media aspects of the course areconsistent with the learning outcomes. Wrote and designed instruction for higher education courses, in accordance withinstitutionally-determined learning models and best practices.School Liaison Officer/Training & Curriculum Specialist 2003 to 2008Child & Youth Services, US Department of Defense, Darmstadt, GermanyProvided comprehensive professional teacher training to the Child Development Center staff of infants to elementary age.Liaison between DODD School and US Army in order to share best educational practices for the classroom. Briefedcommander on progress and concerns of Child & Youth Services. Provided briefings to soldiers as they transitioned toother Army bases, ensured their family received information about school lunch and other programs for the benefit oftheir children. Served on DODD school committees for educational programs, held meetings as needed with principal on arange of issues concerning the education and welfare of the children of military families.Language Arts Teacher 6th to 8th Grade 2002 to 200321st Century School, San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CAConducted language arts classes for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to complete unique independent learningprojects. At Risk Student population was severely economically disadvantaged; nearly all were familiar with violence thatdirectly touched their lives.Elementary Teacher Westminster Elementary School, Westminster, CO 1976 to 1982Page | 2
  3. 3. Direct classroom instruction in multiple school districts in Colorado. Won a teaching contract based on performance andachieving the highest score on Colorado’s Teacher Perceiver Examination (1979). EDUCATIONAL SALES/CONSULTING EXPERIENCEEducation Curriculum Sales Consultant 1982 to 2002AMSCO, Prentice-Hall, Addison-Wesley, NewsBankOperated under time constraints, budget, and proficiency requirements as educational sales consultant.Expertise and demonstrated skills included sales quota accountability and presentation of curriculum product toeducational leaders at the school, district, and state level, resulted in sales in excess of $500.000 in educational product.Gained a reputation as a team player and attained highest national sales award for 1998-1999.Arranged and conducted numerous professional in-service workshops for K – 12th Grade teachers. Worked at differenttimes an assigned territory of 10 western states, NY, Long Island, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico, Central, and SouthAmerica . SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR EXPERIENCEFounder/President/CEO To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc. (TLC) 2002 to PresentAchieved 501(c) (3) status as international nongovernmental organization. Mission is to create sustainable educationaldevelopment opportunities for girls in the developing world in order to break the cycle of poverty.Recruited, Trained, and Supervised a total of 33 individuals who serve as management, Board of Directors, andvolunteers from over 15 countries.Initiated and Achieved registration as a nongovernmental organization in the U.S., Uganda, and Kenya.Instrumental in the development of collaborative relationships with the Minister of Gender, Uganda and localgovernment leaders, in the rural and poorest parts of the country to act as liaison and consulted with gender actors topromote sustainable educational development for girls in both Uganda and Kenya.Coordinated, Managed and Advised at international, national, and local community level to implement programmaticcurriculum self-sustainable teaching models, culturally appropriate to enhance educational development for children.Adept at uniting people at the grass roots level with top government decision makers to achieve educational goals forgirls.Experience included interaction with individuals at all levels in the education, non-profit, business and governmentsectors. Worked with actors at Government, Non Governmental Organizations, United Nations, US Army, schools,community colleges, and universities on various topics including; critical creative thinking, sustainable educationaldevelopment for girls, gender justice, and gender equality.Instrumental in and obtained Special Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of theUnited Nations, and initiated ECOSOC requirements and mission into To Love Children’s programs and mission2006 to PresentConsulted and planned the development of a HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum for Youth named Healthy andSmart 2007 to PresentDesigned and managed a peer reviewed international public health program and provided programmatic assistance toimplement an HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum “Healthy & Smart” for teens.Conceptualized a grass roots advocacy initiative, Walk for Education Worldwide 2004Organized 22,000 children from four countries: United States, Nigeria, India, and Uganda to participate in a walk toadvocate for 115 million children worldwide not in school.Presented a speech at event with Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and a Representative to the President of Uganda as wellas parents, women’s groups, International and local NGO’s local government leaders in attendance.Installed 6 Universal African Resource Center and Library programs with a total donation of over 25,000 books tolibraries in India and Uganda.Founded Women Micro Finance Education Network (WOMEN), to empower poorest and most marginalized womento receive self sustainable business opportunities. PUBLISHERPage | 3
  4. 4. Founder/President/Publisher/Author Rebecca House International Publishing, San Francisco, CA 1985 to PresentWrote, Designed, Edited, and Published three children’s, books, one non fiction book, and a HIV/AIDS preventioncurriculum for Youth, Healthy and Smart.Founder/Editor/Publisher Global Child Journal 2005-2006Conducted and created seminars in community colleges and universities on how to publish and write children’s books. UNITED NATIONS EXPERIENCE • Pre-approved invitation only; Contributed online: Rio+20 Dialogues sponsored by the Government of Brazil to contribute ideas and sugesstions on sustainable development 2012 • Contributed to E4 Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality. E-conference on gender equality. United Nations Gender Education Initiative. 2010 • Attended at 20th Anniversary of Human Rights Development Report, UN, NY 2010 • Presented at Economic and Social Council, High Level Segment, Development Cooperation Forum, Ministerial Session, on theme “Implementing the Internationally Agreed Goals and Commitments in regard to Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women”. 2010 • Attended Roundtable Discussion The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on topic, Human Rights: The Key to Keeping the Promise of 2015, United Nations, NY 2010 • Attended Convention on the Elimination of Violence against Women 30 year Anniversary, United Nations, NY 2010 • Contributed to United Nations Commission on Social Development. Participated in online discussion on gender stereotypes and equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men in the private sphere. 2008 • Attended Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 52) United Nations, NY 2008 • Contributed in the online discussion on the topic: The effects of unequal sharing of responsibilities on women’s full participation in the public sphere. 2008 • Contributed in the Online Discussion: Women in Leadership Roles. Coordinated by the Division for the Advancement of Women. Department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations, Participated and discussion supported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 2007 • Attended United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Fifty-first Session, Ministerial Session, United Nations, NY 2007 • Contributed to the Online Discussion: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Topic: protection of the girl child; girls in vulnerable situations. 2006 • Contributed to the online discussion on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination and Violence against the Girl Child organized by the Division for the Advancement of Women, Department of Economic and Social Affairs UN. 2006 PUBLICATIONSBOOKAuthor: Crystal Moonlight and How Teddy Bears Find Their Homes. Healthy and Smart a HIV/AIDSPrevention Curriculum for Youth, 2011. Global Child Journal. 2006 to PresentARTICLESWaldman, D., K., & Meador, M. (2010). Collaborative methodology for public managers and ngo leaders: Implementation social change policy. Global Child Journal, 1-17, Retrieved from http://tolovechildren.org /files/41773581.pdfWaldman, D. K., (2005). Girl Education the Best Investment. Global Child Journal. 1(2), 32- 35, Retrievedfrom http://www.tolovechildren.org/2004/gobalchild.htmlWaldman, D. K. (2006). Education is a Human Right. Global Child Journal. 2(1), 23-27.Page | 4
  5. 5. UN WRITTEN STATEMENTSAccepted Written Statement to the 2012 High Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of United Nations and distributed to all participants of ECOSOC High Level Segment and translated into the six official UN languages.Accepted Written Statement to 2011 High Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). distribution to all participants of the ECOSOC High Level Segment and translated into the six official UN languages.Economic and Social Council of United Nations, at its Substantive Session on 25 July 2010, decided to take note of the quadrennial report of To Love Children. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTSInvited to present paper Understanding Democratic Governance and its Effect on the Educational Development Policyat the International Conference on Democratic Governance: Challenges in Africa and Asia scheduled for CheyneyUniversity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 8-10 2012Invited to present at The High Level Panel Discussion Program International Day of the African Child. Children inConflict Zones: The Negative Impact of Conflict on the Education, Health and Psychological well being of Children inZones of Conflict. Permanent Mission of Nigeria to United Nations, NY 2011Invited Panelist for Violence against Girls committee of the Working Group on Girls NGO Committee UNICEF, Topic:Making our Schools Safer: Working with Girls and Boys. Harvard Club, NY 2011Invited panelist for Violence against Girls committee of the Working Group on Girls, NGO Committee, and UNICEFside event for the United Nation’s fifty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW55). NY 2011Participated at CARE National Conferencefor Women, Washington, DC Lobbied congressional and senators on womenrights. 2010Invited panelist, Social Equity Leadership Conference, Baltimore, MD 2010Selected to Present Paper American Society of Public Administrators, San Jose, CA, Round Table Discussion:Conference of NGO’s, Committee on HIV/AIDS, NY 2009Invited to speak at 51st Session Commission on the Status of Women, Ministerial Session. UN, NY 2007Invited Panelist at World Affairs Council in San Francisco, CA 2005Invited to Speak at National Association of Young Child Education Conference, Mannheim, Germany. 2002Invited to Speak at Future Business Leaders of America, Mannheim, Germany. 2002Invited to attend 2nd International Conference: Children’s Human Rights: Education, Victoria, BC 2001Presented Educational Curriculum Program at Hawaii State Teachers Literacy Conference, Oahu, HI on 1997Presented Educational Curriculum Program at National Association of Social Studies, Conference, the CA League ofHigh Schools, and the CA School Library Association from 1989 to 2001Creator/Host/Executive Producer TV Show “To Love Children” Radio Show for Blind Children “Twilight Readings”San Francisco, CA. 1989 to 1992 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS • 501(c)(3) Non profit Public Benefit Organization, San Francisco. 2002 to Present • Registered NGO in Uganda and Kenya. 2005/2006 to Present • Special Consultant Status to Economic & Social Council, UN. 2006 to Present • American Society of Public Administrators International Chapter/Global Network, Committee Chair/Founding member ember 2010 to Present • Member Congress of Nongovernmental Organizations 2007 to 2010 • Member UNICEF NGO Committee on Working Group on Girls 2009 to 2011 • President, Walden University Cyberspace Chapter/International PDK. 2008 to 2010Page | 5
  6. 6. • Board Director, Center for Media & Peace Initiative 2010 to Present HONORSPresentation from Commanding Four-Star General B.B. Bell Europe Command for Excellence for Service toEducation, 2003Presentation from David W. Astin, LTC, MI, Commanding United States Army Garrison, Darmstadt, Germany,Department of Army, Achievement Medal for Sustained Superior Civilian Service for Initiative and Professionalism as aTraining and Curriculum Specialist Maintaining the Highest Levels of Compliance to Soldiers, Family Members andChildren for duty served from September, 2003 to May, 2008.Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society for Public Policy & Public Administration. Induction Ceremony Minneapolis,MN, July, 2011Page | 6