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This organization is doing a lot to help people and their friendly companions. PAWS is a group that helps animals stay with their families through financial and health hardships. Find out more about them in this slideshow.

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  2. 2. 02 Every year pets have to be abandoned due to their owners falling ill
  3. 3. PAWS LA Paws LA makes sure that if a person is sick they do not run the risk of having to choose between their illness and their companion. 03
  4. 4. Their History PAWS LA was founded in the 80s Originally formed to help those dealing with illnesses such as HIV and AIDS People were being financially impacted and had to choose between their beloved companion or their health 04
  5. 5. 05 Expansion Paws has now vastly expanded to include seniors, low-income individuals, and those impaced by life threatening illnesses. They now help over 1,000 animal gardians and 1,800 animal companions
  6. 6. 06 Big Name Sponsors Petco Healthy Spot City of West Hollywood and those are just a few
  7. 7. Taking care of animals is a lifelong commitment. And you shouldn't be forced to choose between health or companionship. 07
  8. 8. 08 Volunteering Always looking for amazing volunteers. Fostering until their owner is on the mend Volunteer to gain community service hours for school Help you to find a purpose
  9. 9. How Else Can You Help? 09 Donations to help buy the necessities for a pet parent in need are always welcome. These donations also go to help provide veterinary care for the animals
  10. 10. For adoption and sheltering inquiries: 213.741.1950 https://www.pawsla.org/ info@pawsla.org 11
  11. 11. A PET ADOPTION PROPOSAL Thank You 12 David Koppelman | davidkoppelman.com