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Free business plan template

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Check out our free business plan template for some great thoughts on starting or growing a business. Visit www.dunwiley.co.uk for more info on business advice, business coaching, growth strategy and consulting. We're based in Salisbury and London.

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Free business plan template

  1. 1. FREE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Dunwiley – Growth and Strategy Advisors http://www.dunwiley.co.uk
  2. 2. Context • Last year, over 608,000 start-up businesses launched in Britain. What an amazing figure, and a great endorsement of our entrepreneurial spirit as a nation. • That being said, it was still being reported by Forbes in 2015 that 90% of start-ups fail.That’s a lot of failing. • We think that better planning and preparation before launching a start-up will provide vast improvements in this ratio. • We have put together a quick, free business plan template for prospective start-ups and new businesses to use when prior to launch or funding application.
  3. 3. The Idea Pt. 1 • Your Idea • State, in one sentence, what your product or service is. • The Problem • Describe the current pain of the customer—what problem are you solving for them, and how big an issue is it? • How does the customer solve their problem today? • Why should they switch to you?
  4. 4. The Idea Pt. 2 • Your Solution • Explain how you can solve the problem and make the customer’s life better. Will they want or need this service? • Create a sue case or a scenario—give a typical example of somebody who would use your product or service in real life. • How will you validate your idea? • Validation is so important!! How will you know that people will pay for this? • What target customers have you talked to?What feedback have you obtained?
  5. 5. Customers and Market • Do you know who your target customers are?What do you know about them? Age? Preferences?What is important to them? What is their communication style? Where are they to be found? • How many of them are there, and how many will you attract as customers? • Have you spoken to prospective customers about your idea? How many? • How will you reach them?What is your plan for customer acquisition, content or inbound marketing? • How will you create ‘raving fans’, rather than ‘only just satisfied’ clients?
  6. 6. The Competition • Who else currently provides a similar product or service? • Who else could easily move into this space? • Who else has been successful in this industry? Do you know how and why they have become successful? • List where you see your advantages and disadvantages compared to the competition.
  7. 7. Business Model and Roadmap • How do you see your product or offering growing, changing or adapting over time? • How will your business generate revenue? • How much will it cost to a) set this business up, b) maintain it and c) grow it? • How much will you sell your product or service for? How will you find out if this price is acceptable to your market? • Will you target follow-on purchases from existing clients? Will you offer upgrades or levels of membership or subscription? • Can you project what your income will look like month-by-month, and out over a course of 1–2 years?What is are your financial targets?We appreciate that this is largely conjecture at this point, but you need to think about it.
  8. 8. Risks • Can you identify any areas of uncertainty that may create problems in either launch or operation? How will you mitigate these before they arise? • What will be the really difficult part of this business? Not the time- consuming part necessarily, but the hardest obstacles to overcome? Good luck!! Reach out to us at www.dunwiley.co.uk for more info or to chat!