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3 rules to music practice: How to do your best in your music study time

Infografphic which tell us the best way to do our best in musical practice instrument.

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3 rules to music practice: How to do your best in your music study time

  1. 1. 3 MILES TI] MIÜJSIC IPRÉICTICE How to do your best at your music study time 1 Son s, rithms‘, musical passages. .. Listen the musical wor s or studies wich you want to prepare. The idea is to absorb everything you can. Primary and Secundary: imitate before practicing using it as a musical guide. College and Professional: 19 practice it 29 listen to create your onw version. The musical passages in small fragments. Descompose the ditficulty into smaller circuits. memorize and join them lO form new and large circuits. If someone can recognize the muscial work you are gracticin , you are not practicing as well as you should. Practice eac per session. page 3 DLIÏS To pay more attention to your mistakes and to correct them. To perceive the inner work of skills. Practice does not make you perfect, perfect practice makes you per ect Practice between 3 to 5 hours per day. Horowitz: "If I don't practice one day, I notice it, If don't practice two days, _ my wife notice it. If l don't practice three days. the world notice it 3 lt is the productiva and uncomfortable area located a step beyond your possibilities. lgtune your instrument. _ 29 tune your ears because to avoid the mistakes, you must percieve them inmediately. David Muñoz Velázquez. www. davidtuba. com m @dav¡dtuba10 fi SOUÏCBZ The talent code. D. COyIe. Zenit. powered by “i”: Piktochori I ' make Inlormution beautiful