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WIO Ocean Economy Report 2017

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Prepared by WWF, BCG and CORDIO East Africa, this is a presentation of the full report available at http://wwf.panda.org/wwf_news/?290410/Western-Indian-Ocean-valued-at-US3338-billion-but-at-a-crossroads and http://cordioea.net/western-indian-ocean-ocean-economy-report/

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WIO Ocean Economy Report 2017

  1. 1. Reviving the Western Indian Ocean Economy Actions for a Sustainable Future Lancement régional du “Western Indian Ocean Economy Report” et Présentation de la Vision du SEMer Antananarivo, Madagascar. 24 January 2017 All photo credits: Garth Cripps, Blue Ventures
  2. 2. Contents The Partners in the research, analysis and production of the report: Worldwide Fund for Nature Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean (East Africa) The Boston Consulting Group
  3. 3. • Global report launched in 2015 • Application of the methodology to 3 WWF priority regions • Western Indian Ocean • Melanesia • Mediterranean • Sustainable Development Goals framework Context Insert WIO map
  4. 4. Findings of the report c.GarthCripps 1) Economic value of ocean assets and production 2) Pressures and trends 3) Potential futures (scenarios)
  5. 5. 1) Economic value of ocean assets and production 2) Pressures and trends 3) Potential futures (scenarios) 1 2 3
  6. 6. 1- Economic values
  7. 7. Gross Marine Product compared to regional GDPs
  8. 8. 2- Ecosystem health and threats With high and increasing population comes increasing stress to natural resources and ecosystems
  9. 9. c.GarthCripps
  10. 10. 3. Scenarios for the future “Business as Usual” “Sustainable development/ blue economy” Population Wealth/production In-equality Environmental & social impacts
  11. 11. c.GarthCripps
  12. 12. What this report offers • Quantifying for the first time the economic value of much that has until now been intangible. • Strengthen the foundations for dialogue between sectors and stakeholders to establish a common vision of sustainability. • A clear set of recommendations (linked to SDGs) to provide a framework for action. c.GarthCripps
  13. 13. Misaotra Merci Thank youAll photo credits: Garth Cripps, Blue Ventures