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A quick overview, with beta access, to our statistics learning game, MarsU.

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  1. 1. MarsU A statistics game to supplement learning David Simkins Assistant Professor Rochester Institute of Technology dwsigm@rit.edu ©2017 David Simkins
  2. 2. Welcome To MarsU ©2017 David Simkins
  3. 3. Web-based, no downloads Secure Student and Researcher Accounts Saved position in games Video lessons embedded Pre-test and post-test embedded Extensive logs for stealth assessment ©2017 David Simkins
  4. 4. Topic: Population and sample Overall Learning goal: Identify and use populations and samples in context. Research question (informal): 1. Will using a complex role play simulation help students learn intro statistics concepts (population and sample)? 2. Will it help students retain them? 3. Will is help students apply them? 4. Above, but with DHH students ©2017 David Simkins
  5. 5. Engagement (time on task) Context (concrete, applied) Visual (graphs, visual cues) Practice (repeat tasks with variation) Multimodal (video, text, play) Easy access (web) Maintain personal data Gather aggregate data Research tools embedded (tests) ©2017 David Simkins
  6. 6. Interface may be confusing Games are frustrating Breaks some good game conventions (limited feedback) Cognitive overload Decision paralysis ©2017 David Simkins
  7. 7. Game loop: 1. Poll 2. Take action (hours) 3. Identify parameters 4. Commit action 5. Play minigame (if appropriate) 6. End of Game? Go to 9 7. End of day? Return to 1 8. Return to 2 9. View final vote ©2017 David Simkins
  8. 8. Behind the scenes: Record all actions Use statistical model to determine student opinions Use statistical methods to gather polling data Use sampling with mean and standard deviation to vary parameters for each play. ©2017 David Simkins
  9. 9. Try the current production version at: http://www.mars-u.org/ David Simkins Assistant Professor Rochester Institute of Technology dwsigm@rit.edu User : demoplayer1 PW: Password1 User : demoplayer2 PW: Password1 ©2017 David Simkins