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Startup Grind Checklist

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Startup Grind Checklist to help chapter directors hold successful events.

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Startup Grind Checklist

  1. 1. ___ PRE EVENT _________________________________________________  research interviewee & send question list a. Introduction: Focus in David as a person/entrepreneur/architect + Motivational question (more sentimental to get the audience in the mood). b. History of Archdaily (how it started, etc) c. International Scaling/International reactions d. Education: How it works as a Tool for other Architects + Help young architects position as leaders, etc. e. opportunities/Future, inspirational message.  send email with hotel reco, parking, day of logistics, invite for drinks  Promote Event 10 days before (https://basecamp.com/1807504/projects/3660434-everything-you- need/messages/16784101-blogging)  Message Meetup attendees reminding them to RSVP  get speaker gift ___ DAY OF _________________________________________________  Bring water, napkins, forks, knives, nametags, shirts, square reader, change, iPad,  Have a way to collect emails. Via iPad or fish bowl https://basecamp.com/1807504/projects/3660434/messages/14989155  iPod for Square account & cash change  iPad for Eventbrite checkin  post signage directing people  whiteboard for I need help with / I can help with  whiteboard with twitter handles @startupgrind @speaker @host  Ensure venue has good AV (lapel mics) recording capabilities  Meet the Speaker at the Door (or parking lot)  Open with clapping standing ovation  Take notes during the interview  Audience Q&A - no pitches  give speaker gift
  2. 2.  Thank helpers, sponsors, friends, etc.  Open up networking - ask people to intro themselves and how they can help or intro them  Escort The Speaker To The Car & ask how can I help? ___ POST EVENT __________________________________________  Recap event shortly after (https://basecamp.com/1807504/projects/3660434-everything-you- need/messages/16784101-blogging)  thank people - Paul, Gabbi, Christi, speaker, Nick, Rick, Jesse, Theresa, Josh, Patrick, Brian  Post video  Post Flickr  Email results document to promoters, helpers, etc. (example here) http://www.slideshare.net/DavidSmith225/startup-grind-lansing-january- recap