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SEO Make Micro-Moments and Wordpress Work For User Journey Mapping With Content Marketing

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Identifying SEO micro-moments in an era when customer journeys are fragmented by the move to mobile is key. Understand the types of content which rank for different intent. Build the content using Wordpress platform and top plugins without a line of code. Tie it all together with strong SEO signals. Be fast, be safe, be relevant, be there in moments that matter for prospects and win.

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SEO Make Micro-Moments and Wordpress Work For User Journey Mapping With Content Marketing

  1. 1. @wmsav er #seoandlo ve Titolo slideSottotitolo Slide
  2. 2. @dawnieando #seoandlove Dawn Anderson www.seoandlove.it Dawn Anderson – Relatore di SEO&LOVE 2017 www.seoandlove.it/relatori/dawn-anderson Digital Marketing Search Lecturer & Strategist, International SEO Consultant Libro SEO: SEO e SEM Guida Avanzata al Web Marketing 4° Edizione www.move-it-marketing.co.uk/ Move It Marketing UK and international coverage digital marketing agency specialising in SEO and content marketing Dawn AndersonDawn Anderson Pg Dip DigM | LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/in/msdawnanderson UK, EU and Northern Digital Search Awards Judge University Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University on Search and Digital Marketing Mi sento seo&lover From Manchester, UK with a dog called Bert
  3. 3. @dawnieando #seoandlove Winning The Micro-Moments On Wordpress - A Pomeranian Tale Meet Bert
  4. 4. @dawnieando #seoandlove The Customer Journey Has Changed
  5. 5. @dawnieando #seoandlove Continuums Of Behaviour The Old Customer Decision Journey Times Have Changed Source: McKinsey - http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/the- consumer-decision-journey Linear Pre-2009
  6. 6. @dawnieando #seoandlove McKinsey Customer Journey Model Alternative Funnel The customer journey is no longer linear but cyclical Around 2009
  7. 7. @dawnieando #seoandlove Zero Moment Of Truth Understand Predictable Target Audience Behaviour 2011 https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/collections/zero-moment-truth.html
  8. 8. @dawnieando #seoandlove Fragmentation via Mobile The Zero Moment of Truth Is Now Many Micro-Moments 2014 -> Now “an intent-driven moment of decision making” Google (2015)
  9. 9. @dawnieando #seoandlove Fragmentation via Mobile The Zero Moment of Truth Is Now Many Micro-Moments I want to know I want to go I want to buy
  10. 10. @dawnieando #seoandlove ’Almost 98% of visits are people window shopping or browsing online’ Average ecommerce conversion rates are around 2%
  11. 11. @dawnieando #seoandlove 900 ‘Micro-Moments’ To Buy A Car 900 Chances to Engage Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/consumer-car-buying-process-reveals-auto-marketing- opportunities.html
  12. 12. @dawnieando #seoandlove ’Being There’ Give Little Guys Advantage You can beat big brands with micro-moments Good News
  13. 13. @dawnieando #seoandlove RACE REACH ACT CONVERT ENGAGE http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital- marketing/ Navigating our way with RACE digital framework
  14. 14. @dawnieando #seoandlove REACH Exploration - Ideas http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital- marketing/ They’re not sure what they need or want at this stage Answer the questions Suggest the options for consideration Likely just a step toward users ‘bigger goals’ Low conversion probability I want ideas moments
  15. 15. @dawnieando #seoandlove ACT Decision Making http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital- marketing/ They’re looking around for ‘BEST’ and ‘COMPARE’ Looking for ‘REVIEWS’ Suggest comparisons, calculators, estimators Closer to a conversion They’re refining their choices I want to know moments
  16. 16. @dawnieando #seoandlove CONVERT Intent to Purchase http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital- marketing/ Sales Pages Pricing Tables Delivery terms, finance options, ‘shop’ intent Ready to convert They know what they want I want to buy moments
  17. 17. @dawnieando #seoandlove ADVOCACY Paying It Forward http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital- marketing/ How else can we help? Continued knowledge growing Tribe building It’s often where the links come from Recommend you to others Continuing custom
  18. 18. @dawnieando #seoandlove How Can Wordpress Help You To Be There To Win The Micro-Moments?’
  19. 19. @dawnieando #seoandlove Wordpress Has Grown Up It’s No Longer ‘Just A Blogging Platform’
  20. 20. @dawnieando #seoandlove Wordpress Posting Activity Huge Growth WordPress powers more than 24% of the web
  21. 21. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There - Be Safe
  22. 22. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Safe Web Security Is Vital Sucuri analysis of 8,000 hacked websites Q3 2016 https://blog.sucuri.net/2017/01/hacked- website-report-2016q3.html 74% were Wordpress sites
  23. 23. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Safe Web Security Is Vital 61% of Wordpress Applications were out of date https://blog.sucuri.net/2017/01/hacked- website-report-2016q3.html It’s increasing
  24. 24. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Safe To Do List 1. Update plugins 2. Update themes 3. Update core (particularly when there are security updates) 4. Avoid installing plugins no longer patched 5. Avoid installing plugins no longer actively developed or maintained 6. Check reviews on plugins before installing 7. Deactivate / delete unused plugins 8. Use all round security plugins such as Wordfence 9. Consider moving to HTTPS (minor ranking boost too)
  25. 25. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Safe Web Security Is Vital It’s not got 1 million+ installs for nothing
  26. 26. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There, Be Safe Consider HTTPS
  27. 27. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There, Be Safe Updating URLs from e.g. HTTP to HTTPS UPDATE  wp_options SET  option_value =  replace(option_value,   'http://www.old-­domain.com','https://www.new-­domain.com')  WHERE  option_name =  'home'   OR  option_name =  'siteurl';; UPDATE  wp_posts SET  guid =  replace(guid,  'http://www.old-­domain.com','https://www.new-­ domain.com');; UPDATE  wp_posts SET   post_content =  replace(post_content,  'http://www.old-­domain.com',  'https://www.new-­domain.com');; UPDATE  wp_postmeta SET   meta_value =  replace(meta_value,  'http://www.old-­domain.com','https://www.new-­domain.com’);; If You Do Switch
  28. 28. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There, Be Safe Switch Internal Links Easily Alternatively Use This Plugin When Updating URLs from e.g. HTTP to HTTPS
  29. 29. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There - Be Fast
  30. 30. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There – Be Fast Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Slow Sites
  31. 31. @dawnieando #seoandlove Short Attention Span Fighting For Attention Humans average attention span has dropped to 9 seconds Less than a goldfish Expectations are high. Patience is low
  32. 32. @dawnieando #seoandlove Short Attention Span Especially On Mobile Source: Doubleclick -> https://www.doubleclickbygoogle.com/articles/mobile-speed-matters/
  33. 33. @dawnieando #seoandlove GTMetrix & Pingdom Speed Test Combine Page Speed Tests
  34. 34. @dawnieando #seoandlove GTMetrix Combine Page Speed Tests
  35. 35. @dawnieando #seoandlove Speeding Up Wordpress Sites To Do List 1. Remove unnecessary plugins and head code 2. Use image compression 3. Enable Gzip compression at .htaccess, plugin or caching plugin 4. Make things small - Minify CSS and Javascript 5. Use caching 6. Resize images (small) before uploading 7. Don’t treat Plugins like sweeties
  36. 36. @dawnieando #seoandlove Image Compression Zoominess Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Slow Sites
  37. 37. @dawnieando #seoandlove Compression Compress ALL The Things https://varvy.com/pagespeed/enable-compression.html Enable gzip compression via caching plugins, .htaccess or via compression plugins Make things small
  38. 38. @dawnieando #seoandlove Caching Serve information from a cache
  39. 39. @dawnieando #seoandlove Know Where To Be – And When
  40. 40. @dawnieando #seoandlove Build A Moments Map Understand Predictable Target Audience Behaviour Be Ready When Needed Dog or cat? What breed? What cost? Where to buy? Dogs & cats together Dog friendly bars Can I care for it? Dog sitters Dog clothes Breeding dogs
  41. 41. KEYWORD Dog  Breeds KEYWORD Small  Dog Breeds KEYWORD Pomeranian Dog Breeders KEYWORD Reputable Pomeranian Dog Breeders Manchester List  of potential breeds Refined  with an  attribute selected Decide  on where  to  get dog Refining  further With  Location And  trust  values THEORETICAL  CONVERSION  RATE 5% 6% 8% 35% @dawnieando #seoandlove Keyword Search Behaviour Increasingly refined and hunting intent
  42. 42. @dawnieando #seoandlove Sharon Osbourne’s Dog X Factor Remember Semantics and Relationships
  43. 43. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There - Be Useful
  44. 44. @dawnieando #seoandlove Find The Questions – Answer The Public What Are People Asking?
  45. 45. @dawnieando #seoandlove Pomeranian Questions What Are People Asking About Pomeranians? http://answerthepubl ic.com/seeds/454d2 06024fead7190d9
  46. 46. @dawnieando #seoandlove Pomeranian Questions What Are People Asking?
  47. 47. @dawnieando #seoandlove Pomeranian Questions What Are People Asking About Pomeranians? • Why? • How? • Which? • Where? • What? • When?
  48. 48. @dawnieando #seoandlove Answer The Questions DW Question & Answer
  49. 49. @dawnieando #seoandlove Pomeranian Questions When and Where Have Special Intent • When == temporal • Where == Location Temporal Location
  50. 50. @dawnieando #seoandlove Understand Formats Related To Intent In Search Rankings
  51. 51. @dawnieando #seoandlove Dog Breeds Search Query Researched Lists
  52. 52. @dawnieando #seoandlove What Are Pomeranians Like? What == data & information
  53. 53. @dawnieando #seoandlove Giving A Pomeranian A Hair Cut Video, Images and Instructions Instructional
  54. 54. @dawnieando #seoandlove Caring For Pomeranians Video and instructions Further questions Related questions
  55. 55. @dawnieando #seoandlove Know What Content & Format Is Appropriate
  56. 56. @dawnieando #seoandlove Inspire, Entertain, Educate, Convince The Matrix http://www.smartinsights.com/content-management/content-marketing-strategy/the-content-marketing- matrix-new-infographic/attachment/content-matrix/ • Entertain • Inspire • Educate • Convince
  57. 57. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Helpful In Different Formats People Learn Differently 4 main learning styles • Visual • Auditory • Reading & Writing • Kinesthetic People have different content consumption preferences
  58. 58. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Organised And Optimized
  59. 59. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Optimized And Organised Don’t Be A Jumble Sale Site – Take The Easy First Step It’s not got 1 million+ installs for nothing Use Strong Topical Hub Themes And ‘Help’ ’Hub’ ‘Hero’ Content Frameworks too
  60. 60. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Always Monitoring Everything Don’t Drop The Ball Take technical SEO seriously Set up scheduled crawls and customised reports
  61. 61. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Accessible And Readable
  62. 62. @dawnieando #seoandlove Readability Matters It’s Not Just About Rankings Source: https://yoast.com/flesch-reading-ease-score/ Source: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/content-design/writing-for-gov-uk
  63. 63. @dawnieando #seoandlove Write For A 9 Year Old How People Read • Use common words • Use short words over long words • Understand average reading skills • Explain the unusual • Use short sentences • Capital letters are harder to read • Not everyone understands ampersands & Source: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/content-design/writing-for-gov-uk Users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely
  64. 64. @dawnieando #seoandlove Make Beautiful Posts And Pages Without A Line of Code
  65. 65. @dawnieando #seoandlove Beaver Builder Modular SEO Power Basic Premium So many features & different content options No code needed
  66. 66. @dawnieando #seoandlove Beaver Builder Modular SEO Power Basic Build rows and columns (No code needed) No code needed
  67. 67. @dawnieando #seoandlove Help People With Their ‘Onward Moments’ Journey Pass strong hints on context to search engines too
  68. 68. @dawnieando #seoandlove Link Sideways – Add Context Linked Custom Menus Help With More Moments Give clues to search engines too Home Hero Hub Help Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Sub Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Rel Relevant post titles make excellent contextual anchors Emphasise URL ‘importance’
  69. 69. @dawnieando #seoandlove Beautiful Auntie and Uncle Internal Linking Beaver Builder Posts Carousels Build relevant modules and row Help users meet other ‘micro- moments’ Build a flurry of relevance via an internal anchor text cloud
  70. 70. @dawnieando #seoandlove Posts Slider Module - Beaver Builder Cross Modular Internal Linking Is The Dogs http://kb.wpbeaverbuilder.com/article/67-posts-posts-carousel-and-posts-slider-modules- overview
  71. 71. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There ‘On The Go’
  72. 72. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be There On Mobile Mobile is now and the future • Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for two-thirds of total IP traffic by 2020 (Cisco) • Searches on mobile now exceeed desktop • The mobile first index is in the pipeline Source: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/service-provider/visual-networking-index-vni/complete-white- paper-c11-481360.html
  73. 73. @dawnieando #seoandlove Mobile Search Queries 56% of ‘on the go queries’ have location intent • Where? • What? • When? But remember… People are also using ‘on the go’ moments to research small things towards bigger goals
  74. 74. @dawnieando #seoandlove Events Manager Help Them Find ‘What’, ‘Where’ and When’ To Go • Dog shows • Dog friendly events Event Calendars FTW
  75. 75. @dawnieando #seoandlove Directory Help Them Find The Places https://wpgeodirectory.com/ Location based query
  76. 76. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Useful With Images
  77. 77. @dawnieando #seoandlove Some Info On Visual Content Images FTW • With relevant images, readers spend more time looking at the images than reading the page text. (Nielsen) • People do 323% better following directions with illustration than without illustrations • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than without (Buffer). Facebook posts 2.3x more with images (Buzzsumo)
  78. 78. @dawnieando #seoandlove In Search - Inspiration == Images In social images get more engagement Search https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/visual-content-marketing-strategy#sm.0000vgw3ss32oexdsk51mhh93bjov
  79. 79. @dawnieando #seoandlove Inspiration == Images
  80. 80. @dawnieando #seoandlove Inspiration Pinterest Embed When people are searching for inspiration it’s usually image heavy pages that rank
  81. 81. @dawnieando #seoandlove Create galleries with Beaver Builder Create Image Laden Posts Carousels Galleries And Image Posts Create Image Laden Posts Sliders No Code Needed
  82. 82. @dawnieando #seoandlove Image Search Be There And people also use Image Search too JJ There are spoils to be had
  83. 83. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Useful With Engaging Content (e.g. Calculators & Polls) Involve the audience
  84. 84. @dawnieando #seoandlove Make content create content Engage Polls and Calculators Involve the audience You might just get some links
  85. 85. @dawnieando #seoandlove Be Useful With Video
  86. 86. @dawnieando #seoandlove ‘It would take an individual more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2020’ (Cisco) Growth of Video
  87. 87. @dawnieando #seoandlove IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020 Video on Wordpress People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without
  88. 88. @dawnieando #seoandlove ‘Right Now, people all over the world are trying to make the most of every moment’ Google Micro-Moments
  89. 89. @dawnieando #seoandlove ‘Are you fast?’ ‘Are you safe?’ ’Are you helpful?’ ‘In a range of formats?’ ‘To cater for all learning styles?’ ARE YOU THERE WHEN NEEDED?
  90. 90. @dawnieando #seoandlove ‘Thanks for Listening’
  91. 91. GRAZIE PER L’ATTENZIONE Con il patrocinio del Comune di Verona Assessorato al Commercio