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  1. LAURA ,DÉBORA Y ELENA Speak the graphic novel
  2. Steps to follow: Themes References to artist Characters Compare briefly American schools with your school Message of the story and Melinda´s transformation Another end for the story Summary of the story
  3. SUMMARY OF THE BOOK The book talks about a teenager called Melinda who is starting high school. She doesn't feel good with her partners and feels humiliated in some situations. Over time, Heather becomes her friend she was her classmate, although they were very different persons. Apart of that Melinda describes her classes and thoughts. Because of the discomfort of the girl, she often missed class. Melinda kept the secret of what had happened at a summer party, which was the main reason she broke up with her ex best friend Rachel. Andy Evans, a former aggressor, attacked her again in the school bathroom, to which Melinda defended herself by stabbing her a glass around the neck and screaming.
  4. THEMES OF THE BOOK We apreciate the isolation of losing her friends is not the main cause of Melinda's sense of isolation, however. Melinda was raped at the party by Andy. She doesn,t have a good relationship with her family and she feels lonely without friends The book deals with the subject of sexual abuse by Andy towards Melinda at that summer party and later at the end of the book This is linked to the trauma of the previous situation We can appreciate the bullying since the classmates do not want to be with her and make her feel unappreciated We see the depression of the protagonist since she is always sad, she wants to be alone, there have even been points in the story in which she has hurt herself, as is the example in the clip
  5. REFERENCE TO ARTISTS PICASSO In art class, Mr. Freeman gives Melinda a book about Picasso to help her imagination. "paralyzed" Picasso's art inspires her and she begins to draw. MAYA ANGELOU .In the book, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, there are strong connections to the author Maya Angelou. Melinda is able to identify with Maya's character through her own experience of being traumatized and abused, too. Maya's character is also a person who experienced difficulty in speaking after being raped at a young age. Melinda Mason may be the protagonist of Speak NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE the obvious differences in books Speak and The Scarlet Letter, they also have an abundance of things in common.This includes themes like guiltiness and blame, as well as the books’ likeness of plots and conflicts.This shows that even though two things could be created in completely different eras, there’s always going to be a universal similarity that ties them together.
  6. CHARACTERS Melinda Sordino: thirteen-year-old high school teenager and protagonist of the novel. Cut off from her friends and family, she must find her place in the world without any support. David Petrakis: Melinda's lab partner. Unlike Melinda, David has parents who support and defend him. Mrs Freeman: Friendly teacher who always tries to help his students.
  7. Melinda's parents, who are largely absent from the novel. They are well-meaning but busy parents who don't know how to help Melinda Andy Evans:Popular boy who raped Melinda at a party in the summer Rachel: Melinda's ex best friend who was with her the night of the attack.
  8. Compare briefly American schools with your school American schools are very different from a Spanish school, social positions are much more marked and people are more obsessed with being able to move up socially, which brings more to students, social life is very different but that does not mean that in a school Spanish, the situation that Melinda experienced can also happen, although it is much less common. The school itself is also different, the use of the lockers is very frequent and the students have more freedom and free time, they eat there and they also have hours in the afternoon, as well as practicing more team sports (which influences social positions). In addition, in an American school you can go to the institute in the summer while in a Spanish school that is not allowed.
  9. MESSAGE OF THE STORY Mirror What it represents is that when Melinda looks at herself, she doesn't like what she sees at all. It represents the reality that your internal struggles have changed. Tree The trees are representations of Melibea's emotions. To face the painful memories he paints the ugly, scarred and nearly dead trees.
  10. THE OVERALL MESSAGE OF THE STORY AND MELINDA'S TRANSFORMATIONS: Melinda begins the book as a shy and quiet girl after having a traumatic experience in the summer. Melinda's situation throughout the book worsens to the point of not being able to look at herself in the mirror, every time she becomes sadder and duller, she is more distrustful and terrified of being alone with a boy, but finally Melinda is getting stronger, the Art helps him a lot until he finally manages to be free The book deals with issues such as violence, or being a sexual victim, after she was raped by Andy, the depression or social anxiety that Melinda suffers after the assault, treats eating disorders like Heather suffers from fitting in or Melinda's body dysmorphia, In addition to the bullying due to the abuse that Melinda suffers from her classmates
  11. ANOTHER END OF THE STORY In the meeting between Melinda y Andy in the little room, while Melinda threatens andy, he accidentally trips and falls on top of the knife. When the rest of the students together with the police finally get in, they find Andy dead on the floor, next to him is melinda with the knife in her hand, the police quickly arrest her. Everyone in high school thinks she's a murderer, except for rachel who believes her version of the accident. Scared, Rachel goes to the art teacher, to whom she tells the problem, and asks for help to prove her innocence. Together they look for a way to get her out of her jail. Finally Mr Freeman discovers that there were some old security cameras that recorded what happened. They both hand them over to the police and manage to free Melinda. After a few months, Melinda finally manages to be happy and recover her life from before Andy.