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The Connection Between Family and Excellence

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The Connection Between Family and Excellence

  1. 1. The Connection Between Family and Excellence We’re often asked how MIL SPEC is ableto maintain our consistently high level of quality. For certain it’s our people, our culture. But what’s the foundation to make this happen? How is itthat we preserve this atmosphere year after year? Because MIL SPEC’s “culture model” was specifically created to do so. We understand that for our employees to function attheir very best, to produce defect-free products each and every day, they must have a balancebetween their family and business lives. Any problems at home will be brought to work, and viceversa. We know without question there areother businesses in our industry thatwork their employees 6 or 7 days a week, sometimes 12+ hour days duringbusy times. The employees of these businesses,we’re told firsthand duringsome of our interviews over the years, have a high rate of divorceand significantbehavioral issues with their children. Why? One or more of the parents are at work for so long they have littleto no time to spend with their families,and thus,for these other companies their product quality is lacking. MIL SPEC is aboutmuch more than justmoney. The MIL SPEC business model is to limitdaily shifts to 10 hours duringthe week, and if necessary an occasional Saturday. When the extra hours become a repeating pattern we expand the number of employees in order to maintain thatbalancebetween the employees’ family time and business. This concept is no small matter. It makes a difference. We see itin our product quality,our employees’ happiness, and we see it in the strong loyalty the employees have for MIL SPEC. The level of quality we deliver cannot be produced by an employee that has been on a shiftfor 12 hours straight. We expect nothing but the best for, and from our family of employees.