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77 New Light Lane Phone: 631 7670496
Watermill, NY 11976 Email: deb@consumingpassionllc.com
Culinary Director
A ...
DEB BRAUN Resume, Page 2
 Ensured all ingredients were GMO, ABF, natural, no added hormones and clean labels.
DEB BRAUN Resume, Page 3
Charities: Nourish America, Slow Foods, Heart Beat Café, Montel Williams Living Well,
BBQ & Beyon...
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  1. 1. DEB BRAUN 77 New Light Lane Phone: 631 7670496 Watermill, NY 11976 Email: deb@consumingpassionllc.com Culinary Director A top-performing, highly accomplished, self-directed professional with diverse culinary operations, marketing, and service experience, seeks to bring talent and vision to an organization that values innovation, drive, energy, and dedication to achieve results. Excel in leading cost efficient product and food operations through budget management, inventory controls, key culinary and research skills, and keen ability to develop creative concepts and presentations that effectively impact customer palates. Strong expertise with nutritional research, recipe development, and integration of healthy ingredients while not detracting from taste, texture, smell, or presentment. Accomplished in planning and organizing high-level events and hosting special client requests. Possess strong culinary development and management skills that enhance productivity, optimize price controls, and contribute to long-term sustainable business performance. Areas of Expertise  Customer Service  Quality Assurance  Inventory Controls  Marketing & Advertising  New Business Development  Multi-Channel Distribution  Planning, Hosting & Events/Private chef  Organic & Nutritional Ingredients  Culinary Concepts & Recipe Research  Benchmarking & Product Development  Health Regulations  Training & Coaching  Contracts & Proposals  Financial Management  Healthy Choice Products Professional Experience CONSUMING PASSION CATERING & EVENT PLANNING, LLC, NEW YORK, NY 1996 – Present CULINARY DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE CHEF Acting as Director and Executive Chef with catering and event planning business, inclusive of menu development, recruiting and training, customer service, inventory, and research. Key Accomplishments:  Developed specialized menus and performed food research and development to grow sales and customer base.  Planned, coordinated, and directed events with customized catering to meet client needs. RIVER RUN FOODS, INC., NORTHUMBERLAND, PA 2013 – Present CULINOLOGIST & CONSULTANT Serving as consultant for Jar and Pouch lines with multiple clients, inclusive of Premier Foods UK with jarred cooking sauces, Ortega with pouched cooking sauces, Dave’s Gourmet with nut butters, Cucina Atinna with jarred pasta sauces, and Sharone Hackman with Hak pac pouches and sauces, and Trader Joes with preserves and nut butter jars. Key Accomplishments:  Collaborate with management to develop healthy recipes and packaged goods for market launch.  Review and analyze current food products and recipes to identify effective cost reformulation.  Provide direction and onsite support from benchmarking to commercialization.  Support tradeshow development and planning. POSH PIES, LLC, NEW YORK, NY 2012 – 2014 CO-OWNER & EXECUTIVE CHEF Managed sales, service, and production of specialized organic pies for sale and distribution in retail outlets, inclusive of profit/loss, inventory controls, and marketing. Key Accomplishments:  Developed organic, natural, gluten and preservative free, hand-made fruit and savory filled pies with 100% clean label for sale to various retail customers.
  2. 2. DEB BRAUN Resume, Page 2  Ensured all ingredients were GMO, ABF, natural, no added hormones and clean labels. HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP, NEW HYDE PARK, NY 2003 – 2013 CULINARY DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE CHEF, CULINARY DEVELOPMENT Managed over Culinary Division with oversight of Imagine, Health Valley, Rosseto, Rosetto Steam & Eat, Gluten Free Café, Ethnic Gourmet, Spectrum, Arrowhead Mills, Sun Spire, Terra, Garden of Eatin, Free Bird, Plainview All Natural, Yves, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, King Kullen, Schwans, Marks & Spencers, Martha Stewart, Sandra Lee, Korger, and Linda McCartney product lines. Fortune Fivehundred Company. Key Accomplishments:  Developed and designed products for Whole Foods with Candle Café vegan frozen meals, Joy Bauer with low calorie, high fiber frozen entrée’s, and Tania Zuckerbrot low calorie, high fiber frozen entrée’s.  Performed competitive benchmarking with popular global items and products to develop new lines with improved taste, ingredients, and flavors, while coordinating taste tests with internal and external customers.  Collaborated and actively participated in aggressive and creative campaigns with Hain marketing group promoting multi-channel distribution through acquisitions, new product and recipe development, and reformulations, leading to 15-20% sales gains across array of offerings.  Slashed costs across product lines by researching, developing, and implementing alternative and natural ingredients and resourcing new suppliers.  Requested by Starbucks to act as head of R&D for co-creation partnership to produce unique products with Hain brand ingredients.  Created and completed 300+ organic recipes for Hain organic kitchen cookbook in 2007 and 2012.  Implemented new lines of health and wellness food products across 60+ brands.  Engaged in tradeshow setup, presentation, and management. CULINARY CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT, NEW YORK, NY 2005 – 2012 DEVELOPMENT CHEF – FREE LANCE Provided specialized services for clientele with culinary menu development, inventory analysis, prototype food research and creation to satisfy needs, scheduling, and arrangement of deliveries. Key Accomplishments:  Consulted with clientele to review and analyze inventory control systems with a strong focus on perishables to reduce losses and improve efficiencies.  Developed personalized menus for clientele with special dietary needs and performed deliveries. ** *** ** Additional Positions: Executive Chef/Proprietor at The Hogarth Club Spa Restaurant in London, UK; Sous Chef at The Burnt Chair in Surrey, UK; Proprietor/Director of Howsen & Robins Exclusive Blends; Banquet, Hospitality, and Events Manager at Café Fish with Gerard Group, and David Lloyd Racquet Clubs in London, UK; Senior Banquet and Pastry Chef at Loaves & Fishes Catering in Sagaponack, NY; Dietary/Spa Menu Planner at Savories Gourmet Personal Meals in Hamptons/Manhattan, NY; and Personal Chef at Galaxy Solutions, Inc. and as Free Lance for private groups, and families with scheduled meals parties, events, and entertainment in Hamptons, NY, Florida, and Caymans. Education & TRAINING Diploma, Culinary Studies, Prue Leith Cooking School, UK Master of Arts, English, Richmond Community College, UK Bachelor of Arts, Business, Sales & Marketing, Vanier College, Canada Internship, Raymond Blanc French Cooking, UK Internship, Roux Bothers French Cooking, UK Awards & Distinctions Research Chefs Association, Member Institute of Food Technicians, Member Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Member Master Cooking Classes, Instructor – 6 Week Courses; 6 Student Cl;asses Culinary Institute of America, Product Line Development Collaboration, Hain Celestial Group
  3. 3. DEB BRAUN Resume, Page 3 Charities: Nourish America, Slow Foods, Heart Beat Café, Montel Williams Living Well, BBQ & Beyond, GLAD, Cee Tree, Who Care Wins, Fisher House, Amnesty Int’l The Tower of Hope, BOD Member