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  1. 1. Debra O’Neill - Metal Artistry Featured Artist - Silk Art Gallery - Grand Opening October 1, 2016 www.silkgallery.ca METAL ARTISTRY - SILK ART GALLERY - 2419 CLARKE ST PORT MOODY, BC
  2. 2. Introduction Debra O’Neill is an ar'st and designer of form, func'on and versa'lity always keeping the Mother Earth footprint at the forefront of design. Debra’s love is working with metals, textures, ligh'ng, furnishings and most recently intui've pain'ng. Her crea've work can be found in private collec'ons throughout Canada. Debra currently lives and works on Eagle Mountain in beau'ful Coquitlam BC. She grew up in a highly intui've and spiritual environment and follows the lineage of many creators, luminaries and visionaries. This lineage of crea've ar'stry is embedded in her soul and is part of her visual and conceptual ability. Debra is an Advanced Integra've Energy Healing Prac''oner, which shines through in her love for crea'on. Debra describes the process of asking and listening to what the space is calling for and crea'ng it with direc'on from the elements and the four direc'ons. Debra works with a psychic sense of feeling into the vibra'on of the environment, the textural taste of the space, observing the energy and flow of the space and how to create more or less. Debra’s passion is working with the client and the space to create the ul'mate piece of ar'stry that brings together the harmony of the space. Debra has received a number of awards, including a design award at the CSEME - Design Awards and received acknowledgment in the IDS Design Prototype Compe''on, Toronto Ontario. Debra’s greatest honour above any compe''on, jury or judge is knowing her ar'stry is an important part of her clients’ hearMelt collec'ons. That is the ul'mate JOY, the ul'mate tes'monial and value of her work. Spectacular! Creator of Spectacular Hear5elt Expression - COSHE Debra O’Neill METAL ARTISTRY - SILK ART GALLERY - 2419 CLARKE ST PORT MOODY, BC