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Proxy Blocker Ds Lr[1]

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DeepNines Proxy Blocker. B2B buyers in education IT, healthcare IT, government and enterprise can visit our website at www.deepnines.com for futher information.

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Proxy Blocker Ds Lr[1]

  1. 1. Web Proxy Data Sheet DeepNines Proxy Blocker detect and eliminate security bypass Proxy Blocker Product Benefits DeepNines Proxy Blocker detects and eliminates Web-based proxies that circumvent network security and filtering solutions. By identifying, reporting • Real-time identification and and preventing Web proxies in real-time, Proxy Blocker protects against users blocking bypassing content filtering, security policies and malware detection across all • Denies unauthorized Web access ports and protocols. By preventing unauthorized access to the Web, users and proxy tunneling cannot access online content and applications using the over 200 ports and the • Eliminates unwanted bandwidth variety of protocols that consume bandwidth, violate security policies, and consumption open vulnerabilities in the network. • Ensures security compliance and Proxy Blocker’s complete proxy protection uses proprietary technology to enforcement of acceptable use detect and block all proxies by identifying the fundamental technology used policies by the proxy without knowing the specific IP address or URL. In order to • Prevents inappropriate, illegal or completely identify and block all Web proxies, the DeepNines Secure Web unwanted Web traffic Gateway with Proxy Blocker inspects all ports and protocols. Many proxy • Supports SafeSearch mode in blocking technologies only inspect port80 with URL filtering techniques, Google and Yahoo which is incomplete, allowing users to easily circumvent the solution. • Prevents peer-to-peer access and downloads • Reduces risks of botnets R e a l -T i m e N e t w o r k D e f e n s e
  2. 2. Web Proxy Data Sheet Blocking Web Proxies The combination of proprietary signatures and deep packet inspection allows Proxy Blocker to identify and block all Web proxies regardless of port, protocol or application to ensure network security and compliance. The chart below outlines some of the many types of Web proxies, and how they typically work when bypassing filtering and firewall policies. DeepNines Proxy Blocker technology eliminates all of these proxy types and more. Type Description Blocked by DeepNines Anonymous Proxies Anonymous proxies are the most common type of Web proxy and therefore easiest to block. These are generally URL-based and offer an embedded feature that allows users to bypass the network through an interface on the website. Circumventors Circumventor software can be placed on a home (or any out-of-network) computer, and it will return a URL that acts as a proxy and can be used to connect back to that computer for anonymous browsing. These URLS are dynamic and easily changed if ever discovered and blocked. Tor Network The Tor network is a network of virtual tunnels that creates an indirect connection to the Internet by having the desired connection to hop through all of the computers on the Tor network before reaching its final destination, therefore disguising the browsing session and circumventing filtering policies. Browser Proxies Browser proxies are a more complex version of anonymous proxies that provide the option of selecting different types of encoding to further hide the connection. SSL Proxies SSL (or encrypted) proxies form a secure connection (HTTPS) which can only be detected and stopped by recognizing the proxy connection before the three-way handshake is completed and the secure tunnel is formed. Google Proxies Google can be used as a proxy by either choosing the option to translate Google Mobile the website into another language, or show content as it would appear on a mobile device, both of which allow for unrestricted Web browsing that all appears to come from Google and therefore circumvents filtering policies. Transparent Proxies Transparent proxies work when a user changes his/her browser settings to search through a proxy. Thousands of free IP addresses are available online and can be easily added to any browser. These IP addresses are constantly changing and therefore very difficult to detect and stop as thousands of new IPs are published daily. DeepNines_WebProxy_0909 1 4 6 4 3 D a l l a s P a r k w a y, S u i t e 1 5 0 | D a l l a s , T X 7 5 2 5 4 - 8 8 0 1 | t e l 2 1 4 . 2 7 3 . 6 9 9 6 | e m a i l s a l e s @ d e e p n i n e s . c o m | w e b d e e p n i n e s . c o m Copyright © 2009 DeepNines Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. DeepNines, the DeepNines logo and DeepNines products of DeepNines Secure Web Gateway and DeepNines features, technologies and product-lines are registered trademarks of DeepNines Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of DeepNines Technologies, Inc. or their respective owners. While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, DeepNines does not accept liability for any errors or mistakes which may arise. Specifications and other information in this document may be subject to change without notice. DeepNines Data Sheet released 09, 2009. DeepNines is protected by US Patents 6,930,978, 7,058,976 and 7,380,272.