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Storage Area networking and upcoming trends

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Datacenter networking protocols

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Storage Area networking and upcoming trends

  1. 1. Overview of Storage Area Networking(SAN) and Upcoming Trends BY DEEPANSHU LULLA
  2. 2. Contents • Storage Devices. Why Storage networking is important • Storage networking protocols: Front end protocols vs back end protocols • Front end Access to Storage Devices(SAN vs NAS) • SAN • SAN Architectures • SAN protocols  Fiber channel SAN and Fiber Channel protocol  ISCSI  FCOE • SAN virtualization techniques • Vmware’s Approach to Storage Virtualization
  3. 3. Storage Devices • Data is growing at an exponential rate. • Effectively storing, accessing, protecting and managing data is becoming challenging. • Big data and Internet of Things(IoT) will continuously to push the requirements.
  4. 4. Storage Networking protocols Two primary communication types in storage devices: • Front End Communication Protocols: iSCSI, FCoE, FC, NFS, CIFS etc. • Back end Communication Protocols: SCSI,IDE/ATA Focus of presentation: Block based Front end protocols
  5. 5. Front End Access to Storage Devices • Based on the type of data access  Block-based storage system (SAN) eg iSCSI, FC  File-based storage system (NAS) eg NFS, CIFS, HDFS  Object-based storage system eg. Amazon S3,Openstack shift • We will focus on Block based storage systems.
  6. 6. Storage Area Networks • Network used for inter communication between compute and storage systems. • LUNs(Logical unit Number) fundamental storage unit which is shared over the network.
  7. 7. SAN Architectures • SAN network Architectures are of three types  Point to Point  Arbitrated loop  Switched fabric
  8. 8. SAN Access Frontend Protocols • SCSI  Serial Connection Serial Interface. Command response protocol.  Works in the Application layer of all block based protocols. • Primary protocols we will discuss are  Fiber Channel(FC)  ISCSI(Internet SCSI)  Fiber Channel Over Ethernet Front End Block Based Protocols
  9. 9. Fiber channel • Fiber Channel: used to connect computer data storage to servers. • Ports where the fibre channel connect to devices is known as Host based Adapter. • Uses WWN addresses instead of MAC addresses
  10. 10. Fiber Channel protocol(FCP) Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) is the SCSI interface protocol utilizing an underlying Fiber Channel connection.
  11. 11. IP SAN using ISCSI • Advantages of IP SAN  Existing IP infrastructure can be leveraged.  IP SANs can be used to connect SANs over long Distances.
  12. 12. ISCSI •ISCSI  Encapsulates SCSI I/O over TCP/IP.  Client Server Protocol. Used to establish sessions Between devices.  Handles login, authentication, target discovery, and session management.
  13. 13. Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) • Transports FC data along with regular Ethernet traffic over a Converged network adapter. • FCoE protocol encapsulates FC fames into Ethernet frames.
  14. 14. SAN Virtualization Block-level storage virtualization Virtual SAN (also called virtual fabric) N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) Note VSAN terminology in EMC is different from VSAN in Vmware
  15. 15. Vmware’s Approach of Storage Virtualization • VMFS stands for Virtual Machine File system. • VMFS can be distributed or shared among Virtual machines.
  16. 16. Summary • Need for storage is constantly rising with increase in data • SAN is one of the solutions to this fortunate problem. • Using SAN one accesses data using LUNs(Chunks of storage units). • Front end SAN protocols: FC, iSCSI, FCOE • SAN virtualization techniques increase the overall SAN efficiency by hardware reuse, increasing redundancy etc.
  17. 17. References • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber_Channel_Protocol • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber_Channel • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storage_area_network • http://www.siemon.com/us/white_papers/14-07-29-data-center-storage-evolution.asp • Training materials from EMC and VMWare
  18. 18. Acknowledgements • Professor Peter O’ Reilly • Department of Telecommunication Systems Management • Dell EMC Inc. (Place of My Co-Op)
  19. 19. Thank you for your patience.