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Bridging the gap between CyberSecurity R&D and UX

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Razvan Todor in Bucharest, Romania on November 8-9th 2018 at DefCamp #9.

The videos and other presentations can be found on https://def.camp/archive

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Bridging the gap between CyberSecurity R&D and UX

  1. 1. Bridging the gap between R&D and UX RAZVAN TODOR Sr. Product Manager
  2. 2. Bridging the gap between R&D and UX RAZVAN TODOR Sr. Product Manager
  3. 3. FORM AND FUNCTIONALITY The question is: how do you navigate the line between form and functionality?
  4. 4. THE VISION You create the vision so dig deep into your thoughts.
  5. 5. ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS Be an idea filter, not only an idea creator.
  6. 6. YOUR USERS What will make your users speak?
  7. 7. FEEL THE LOVE "The fact that you give us no logging, no real information around the attacks, and no capability to export the logs from the device limits my capability to troubleshoot my own issues. It is absolutely horrible. Just give me my logs. They are MY logs. Not YOUR logs." "A device protected by the BOX will have an IP as 172.24.1.XXX” But, pray tell: what is an “IP” and where, specifically, on my phone list of devices, would I find it?
  8. 8. FEATURE VS FEELING Nobody wants an intrusion detection system or an engine that will detect anomalies in their devices’ behavior.
  9. 9. WHO READS THE INSTRUCTIONS, ANYWAY? We’re all goldfish.
  11. 11. TL;DR 1. Ask all the questions. And then ask yourself if you have more questions. 2. When it comes to R&D and UX, making each side equally unhappy is a good compromise. 3. When it comes to your users, choose a side, make the few love you, not the many like you. 4. Your product’s biggest strengths are not always what’s valuable for your users. 5. Make the user feel that they understand your product. And make it fast. a.k.a. 5 things to take home with you:
  12. 12. THANK YOU! rtodor@gmail.com razvantodor rtodor