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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways Great Managers Inspire Teams

Managing is hard work, no matter what level of management you’re at. There are expectations to meet from above and below, and plenty of pressure. Driving accountability and delivering results aren’t easy (in fact, most managers experience higher stress than non-managers and it increases the more senior they are).

Because being a manager can sometimes be a thankless job, we compiled this fun infographic to celebrate great bosses and the five things they do that make their teams and their organizations very successful:

1. Engage and inspire their teams — Communicate consistently and often how employees’ work contributes to the organization’s strategic goals and initiatives.

2. Provide coaching and feedback — Over 70% of employees believe their performance improves with feedback, and 75% of Millennials want more coaching.

3. Recognize and reward people for accomplishments — Over 80% of employees say that recognition is more important than compensation to them. It increases motivation and keeps valued employees contributing to the organization longer.

4. Set goals and hold people accountable for achievement — When employees have written goals, the likelihood they achieve them increases 46%. When they have written and transparent action commitments, achievement jumps to 64% and adding regular status reports they achieve their goals 76% of the time.

5. Get the tools and training they need to be more skillful and consistent — Recognize that managing people and results — especially over distance — is a real work. Great managers build their own skills and find the most efficient ways to communicate goals, get transparency and drive accountability.

While finding time to provide feedback, tie work to goals, and coaching may seem tough, just remember that it makes a real difference in people’s motivation and lives, and helps makes you the awesome boss you are!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways Great Managers Inspire Teams

  1. 1. What Makes a Boss Great We love it when you: Engage and Inspire Great managers motivate! You make our work interesting and tell us why it matters… 21% Because we’re happier, we’re also healthier 50% Provide Feedback & Coaching #1 Boss You treat us like grown ups. 72% of our peers aren't so lucky! They're disengaged and disinterested. of us believe we perform better with feedback. The older we are, the more constructive feedback we want to help us grow. That in turn makes our organization more profitable. We want to make our customers happier to the tune of higher customer satisfaction. Your feedback and coaching is better for business. By giving frequent feedback about what we’re doing well and where we can improve, the company’s revenue and productivity increases as much as 20% Recognize and Reward By advocating for us and recognizing great work, you make us want to do our best! A whopping 93% of employees who feel valued are motivated to do their best work. You make us want to stay at the organization longer. 66% of highly engaged employees don’t plan to leave. Unhappy employees are 3x more likely to quit in the next year. 83% of employees feel that recognition is more rewarding than cash. When you ask for... Clear written goals 43% Set Goals & Help Us Achieve Great Things Transparent action commitments 64% ...we are more likely to achieve our goals. Sources http://www.gallup.com/strategicconsulting/164735/state-global-workplace.aspx http://www.gallup.com/poll/147191/Actively-Disengaged-Workers-Jobless-Equally-Poor-Health.aspx http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/163130/employee-engagement-drives-growth.aspx http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/28270/Fourth-Element-Great-Managing.aspx#2 http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/25369/Praise-Praising-Your-Employees.aspx 10% 87% less likely to need sick days as less engaged peers. You’re savvy enough to remember that a 5:1ratio of positive to negative feedback works best! 75% of Millennial team members want even more coaching! We love that you recognize great work -- you know it’s not just about money! When you fearlessly do the hard work of managing, you help us be our best. Written progress reports 76% We love being engaged, aligned and achieving! It's even easier when you make the brilliant decision to use Workboard for sharing goals, actions, status reports and giving us regular feedback! The Zen of Achievement Get Workboard for your team FREE at www.workboard.com http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/07/you-cant-be-a-great-manager-if-youre-not-a-good-coach/ http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2012/03/well-being.aspx http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mind-the-manager/201306/new-employee-study-shows-recognition-matters- more-money http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2012/09/04/why-employee-engagement/