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Compare and Save: Incandescent vs. LED

According to ENERGY STAR, lighting accounts for 12 percent of home energy costs. If you're using inefficient light bulbs, this can really add up. Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs can decrease your energy use and reduce your energy costs. Compare cost, lifespan, and wattage to find the right bulb for your home: http://www.delmarfans.com/educate/light-bulb-comparison/

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Compare and Save: Incandescent vs. LED

  1. 1. Incandescent DEL MAR FANS 81 LIGHTING ® ENERGY CONSUMED ® ENERGY CONSUMED of energy goes to heat of energy goes to heat ® TEMPERATURE @ TEMPERATURE Surface temperature can reach Surface temperature can reach 260°! ‘ 170°! ‘ ® LIGHTING ® LIGHTING Cool and warm light Wide range of colors liExcha. ngeToS 3.V€ This fall, Del Mar Fans 81 Lighting and ENERGY STAR will make your day a little bit brighter by hosting our first Bulb Drive Exchange. As a thank you to our loyal customers and supportive community, we'll be giving out one ENERGY STAR LED bulb in exchange for one of your old inefficient bulbs. Initial Cost Initial Cost *1 >25 PACT The initial cost of ENERGY STAR LED bulbs IS more expensive, but in the end, you save big Wattage Wattage 50 W; -ms 10 Watts Watts = energy use Lumens = brightness Life Span Life Span 1,000 hours or less Up to 40,000 hours FACT ENERGY STAR LED bulbs can last up to 39,000 more hours than incandescent bulbs Replacement Replacement 39.2’: 1 TIMES TIME In 36 years In 36 years PACT ENERGY STAR LED bulbs only need to be replaced once every 36 years The Calculations Elect. ricit. _v Cost (yearly) $1 _ 3 1 $1 .09 Yearly Replacement *0 $8. Total Annual Cost. , 1 ENERGY STAR LED annual cost : same as electricity cost TOTAL COST After 36 yrs and 6 mo Total Savings with ENERGY STAR LED Bulb (after 36 years and 6 months) $256 #Ex(: 'lizi.1ig<; ~lTt; iSn’c T<; ><l; i_'l .2111 ‘ . ;.