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A 30 Year Evolution of Technology | Dell Workforce Transformation

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We've come a long way, but the future looks even brighter. At Dell EMC World 2017, Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Burton took us through 30 years of tech transformation and shared our exciting innovations for the workforce of tomorrow. Watch more on-demand footage from Dell EMC World 2017. Read More: http://dell.to/2vKJI5p

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A 30 Year Evolution of Technology | Dell Workforce Transformation

  2. 2. 1997 Transistors Memory Color Pixels Connection 134,000 4 Billion 1 MG 64 GB 4 bit 48 bit 224,000 33 Million 10 MB/sec hardwire 1 GB/sec wireless2017 30 Years of Progress
  3. 3. WORK WITHOUT WIRES Wireless Latitude 2-in-1s, charging docks, and monitor stands set productivity free. FREE YOUR IT PC as a service provides everything your business needs, on a monthly basis, in a convenient bundle. SMART SECURITY Dell Data Guardian™ protects critical business data at the endpoint, where 95% of breaches occur. Enabling Today
  4. 4. 62 AWARDS WON AT CES of millennials would quit a job with sub standard technology of workers say tech is a major factor when choosing a job. 42% 82% Enabling Today
  5. 5. Augmented & Virtual Reality will be an $80 billion business by 2025. 2025 $45 billion $35 billion software hardware Enabling Today
  6. 6. BRING IDEAS TO LIFE The Dell Canvas and VR will bring designers the power to create more intuitively and test products before they’re built. IMAGINE VISUALIZE INTERACT 1 2 3 Envisioning Tomorrow
  7. 7. STAY CONNECTED More IoT endpoints mean better analytics. Freezers can be adjusted in real time to save energy* and keep food fresher. *Raising the temp 1° F in 300K freezers saves enough energy to power 67,000 homes/year Envisioning Tomorrow
  8. 8. PUT AR TO WORK DAQRI smart glasses reduce errors, improve accuracy and cut the time it takes to train new employees. Envisioning Tomorrow