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How leaving a Legacy of Good is good for business

Earth Day is a day to reflect on our impact on the planet. We think about how we better manage our natural resources for ourselves as individuals. At Dell, we also consider how our solutions can reduce our customers’ impact, and how our teams might find new and better ways to do business. By 2020, our hope and plan is that the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it. This presentation showcases our progress and the team members whose bold ideas are bringing our plan to life. Read more at https://dell.to/2AxCkfP

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How leaving a Legacy of Good is good for business

  1. 1. 1 How leaving a Legacy of Good is good for business Trisa Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at Dell
  2. 2. Over the next 25 years, our global economy will double in size. This is an enormous opportunity for Dell to find new, better, more sustainable ways to do business. 2 Confidential
  3. 3. 3 1Promise: Creating a Legacy of Good Learn more at Dell.com/2020 2020 Legacy of Good plan
  4. 4. 4 By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it. Dell packaging to be 100% sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable. Provide 5 million hours of community service with 75% participation. Reduce the energy intensity of Dell’s product portfolio by 80%. Recycle 2 billion pounds of used electronics. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 50%. Engage 40% of team members in Employee Resource Groups. Sample 2020 Legacy of Good goals
  5. 5. By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it. Building a legacy of good. Learn more at Dell.com/2020 5
  6. 6. 6 People are starting to notice
  7. 7. Our teams are bringing this vision to life.7
  8. 8. 8 Jean Cox-Kearns- EMEA Takeback Director, Dell The new way: Jean developed a recycling process and regulation in Kenya which microfinances groups of women to collect e-waste in their communities. Better for community: This process creates green jobs. It improves the health of the collectors and the environment. Better for business: It supports our Legacy of Good goal to collect 2 billion lbs of electronics by 2020, which we can then reuse back into our products. WATCH THE VIDEO Finding a new, better way… to recycle used technology in developing countries.
  9. 9. 9 Vikhyat Singh – Site Director, Dell Mohali, India The new way: Vikhyat is transforming teaching and learning practices through a cloud-based Collaborative Classroom which facilitates a 1 on 1 learning environment for students. Better for community: By partnering with a Dell Youth Learning partner, Learning Links, he provides technology access to 4500 students and encourages inclusive education across India. Better for business: The project introduces cloud-based learning solutions built to inspire students to innovate, collaborate and learn Finding a new, better way… to collaborate in classrooms across India
  10. 10. 10 Oliver Campbell- Procurement Director, Dell Wai Kek Ooi- Principle Engineer, Dell The new way: Oliver and Wai Kek are using sustainable materials like bamboo, mushrooms and wheat straw in product packaging, Wheat straw can be manufactured at a less expensive rate, is easily accessible as a raw material, and is 100% recyclable or compostable by the end of its life. Better for community: Their packaging innovations contribute potential reduction in China of nearly 180,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Wheat straw specifically also provides extra source of income to local farmers. Better for business: It has helped us eliminate over 20M pounds of foam-based packaging and led to $18M in cost savings. It also enables our customers to be green when buying Dell products. Finding a new, better way… to package Dell products.
  11. 11. 11 Ricardo Quina – Wise Business Analysis Advisor The new way: Using the sun to bring the power of the internet to students in remote areas of South Africa Better for community: The highly efficient solar powered classroom provides children with access to education while eliminating the need for fixed electrical infrastructure. Better for Dell business: Helps us meet our Legacy of Good goal to apply our expertise and technology in underserved communities to directly impact 3 million youth. Finding a new, better way… to power access to education in remote Africa
  12. 12. Do your part. Power down for the planet. 12 If everyone at Dell powers down their computers and monitors for 30 minutes, we save 1.7 MW.
  13. 13. Invest in the future: Ignite Youth Learning in May.
  14. 14. 16 countries — 70 partners — 3 million children since 2009 Youth Learning — working to provide technology access and skills to underserved children
  15. 15. Tell us how you’re leaving a Legacy of Good: #LegacyofGood