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2015 Health Plans Industry Outlook

The U.S. health insurance sector is undergoing unprecedented regulatory, financial and competitive disruption. Players’ roles are changing rapidly, and strategies that made health plans successful in the past will not suffice in the future. Most health plans are going to have to find new approaches to achieving growth, demonstrating value, developing products, embracing technology, engaging with consumers, and collaborating with providers. Greg Scott, U.S. Health Plans leader & vice chairman of Deloitte LLP, shares his perspective on disruptive trends impacting health plans as they respond to the rise of consumerism. In 2015, watch for innovation in new products, better technologies, collaborative business models, and improved consumer experiences.

Read the full report: http://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/life-sciences-and-health-care/articles/2015-health-plans-outlook.html?id=us:2sm:3ss:outlook:awa:lshc:012315

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2015 Health Plans Industry Outlook

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