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2017 America’s Economic Engine – Breaking the cycle

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Read the full report here: http://www.deloitte.com/us/dges/breakingthecycle
After years of sluggish economic recovery, private company and middle market business leaders believe 2017 is the year growth will accelerate—a dramatic upward shift in business confidence fueled by post-election optimism. But uncertainty over new policies and regulations could put on the brakes.

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2017 America’s Economic Engine – Breaking the cycle

  1. 1. positive impact Two-thirds feel the US election results will boost the US economy, and nearly seven in 10 believe they will have a positive impact on their company’s operations America’s economic engine—Breaking the cycle Copyright © 2017 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited In the fall of 2016 Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services polled 500+ US private company and mid-market executives about their expectations, experiences, and plans for becoming more competitive in the current economic environment. Here are some of the most significant findings; access the full report at www.deloitte.com/us/dges/breakingthecycle. growth > 3.5% 84% said global trade is important to their company’s supply chain 85% are using emerging digital technologies to transform their organizations 15% 2015 66% 69% 28% 2016 More respondents say their company may pursue a public stock offering in the next 12 months boost the economy Nearly four in 10 respondents expect GDP growth to be stronger than 3.5 percent in the next 12 months