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2017 Consumer Products Industry Outlook

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Our latest consumer product industry overview provides a closer look at the trends that are disrupting the industry and changing the way they go to market. For more information, read our new report: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/consumer-business/articles/consumer-products-industry-outlook.html

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2017 Consumer Products Industry Outlook

  1. 1. Economy Economy Economic fundamentals for consumer spending appear to be solid going into 2017… ... However, the election cycle has created uncertainty Enabling technology Create platforms specific to CP that... The labor market continues to strengthen 3 ways enabling technologies can benefit CPG companies 7 opportunities for CPG companies to embrace the potential of enabling technologies Policies suggested could support consumer spending Others could have significant impacts on consumer spending Jobs 181,000 on average added per month in 20161 Tax cuts Infrastructure spending Proposed trade restrictions Health care Housing Disposable personal income +3.4% year ending October Average hourly earnings starting to accelerate2 Perform faster Become granular Stay connected Enabling technology Optimize online retailing capabilities Manage your brand on the Internet Adapt communication strategies to the digital world Exploit the potential of social media marketing Explore methods to customize products Engage consumers with wearables and artificial intelligence (AI) Develop strategies to influencing the digital consumer purchase journey Digital ad spend (2016 estimates) 8.7% 21.9% 12.7% 12.2% Continuing shift towards online retailing Online CPG sales projection growth: E-commerce sales 8.4%7.5% 4.6% 3Q 2016 (est.) 201520104 $8b $36b 20135 2018 2017 Consumer Products Industry Outlook Platforms Consumer trends influencing CPG companies Help resources and participants become accessible Become catalysts for participants Are closely linked to enabling technologies Disrupting the consumer food value chain is an evolving set of drivers Consumer immersion in the digital world: All age groups join the ranks of digital users. Engage with influential consumer segments: By 2025, prepare for a shift to a global marketplace that’s heavily influenced by Asia Pacific. Consumer mindset Health and wellness Safety Social impact Experience Transparency7 Hispanics Gen Z Women 6.5% 7.3%8 29% 1980 2014 2050 (projected)9 (% of US population) Ages: 15-21 Approx. 25% of US population (largest demographic segment) By 2020 they will account for 40% of US consumers10 In 2013 US women reported having control or influence over $8t—73% of a total household spend of approximately $11.2t13 Spend more on shopping trips, contributing about 60% of the total amount spent on shopping across different store types Truly digital natives11 More conservative and worry about the economy above anything else12 nearly 10% of the global population will be in Asian Pacific cities14 7 of the top 10 global cities by population will be in Asia Pacific15 Middle class in Asia is projected to have a higher disposable income16 Asia (448 million people) North America and Europe $18b $12b vs Retail Financial Services AutoCPG Consumer mindset PlatformsEnabling technology Economy [1] Deloitte US Economic Forecast, 3rd Quarter, 2016 and US Government (from Haver Analytlics). Unless otherwise noted, all data supplied by Haver Analytics, which compiles statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and other databases. See www.haver.com/databaseprofiles” [2] Ibid [3] Deloitte, 2016 digital influence survey, July 2016. [4] Source: Retail Indicators Branch, US Census Bureau [11] “5 tips for marketing to Gen Z,” The Huffington Post, July 2016 [12] http://www.inc.com/hayley-peterson/heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-generation-z.html [13] “Buying Power: Women in the US,” New York: Catalyst, May 20, 2015 [14] Ibid [15] http://www.geohive.com/earth/cy_agg2025.aspx [16] United Nations Global Population Prospects, 2015 Revision, http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp [[5] The Digital Future: A Game Plan For Consumer Packaged Goods, GMA August 2014 6] Deloitte, The 2015 American pantry study, June 2015 [7] Capitalizing on the shifting consumer value equation, Deloitte, January 2016 in collaboration with FMI and GMA. [8] http://www.pewhispanic.org/2016/04/19/statistical-portrait-of-hispanics-in-the-united-states-key-charts/ [9] Ibid [10] “5 tips for marketing to Gen Z,” The Huffington Post, July 2016 CPG companies slow to adapt to digital www.deloitte.com/us/2017-CP-Industry-Outlook Copyright © 2016 Deloitte Development LLC. $0.56 of every dollar spent influenced by digital interaction3 Customization 42% of consumers interested in technology to customize products6 19% willing to pay a 10 percent price premium for them6 17% Baby Boomers 22% Gen X 30% Millennials 28% Gen Z