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13 Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Deloitte University Press | Tech Trends 2015 | @DeloitteOnTech @DU_Press #techtrends
 Customer-led: understand the
customer journey and focus on
authentic engagement
 Focus on data: big data and predictive
analytics should play a role in how you
invest in targets and priorities
 Holistic approach: explore new
channels and tools to complement
existing ones
 Content management: authoring,
provisioning, and measuring usage
and effectiveness should be
seamless processes that provide
users with contextual content
across channels
 Social activation: move beyond
passive listening to inspiring brand
There are privacy concerns, laws, policies, and standards for using
personal data for marketing which may limit the degree to which
marketers can use data for personalization and outreach. Establishing
and maintaining trust is key. Organizations should consider public
policies, privacy awareness programs, and end-user license
agreements joined with explicit security and privacy controls.

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