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19 Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Deloitte University Press | Tech Trends 2015 | @DeloitteOnTech @DU_Press #techtrends
 Have a plan: balance business needs
with limitations of existing systems
and potential of emerging technology
 Spark a light: find a burning platform
to move the conversation about the
core to the center stage
 Plant the seed: invest deliberately in
the core to eventually become a
catalyst for growth
 Partner up: strategic vendors
can be allies in exploring new
solutions for existing issues
 Design as a discipline:
embrace a living approach to
architecture with usability,
integration, data, and security
in mind
Identify what attracts cyber threat and be vigilant in protecting your
assets. Scratch the assumption that the emerging technologies are
inherently riskier than the legacy systems and, regardless of the
platform, define probable and acceptable risks. Leverage vendors to
outsource risk, but recognize that your organization still retains
responsibility for its security.

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