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4 Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Deloitte University Press | Tech Trends 2015 | @DeloitteOnTech @DU_Press #techtrends
 Evaluate current positioning:
understanding the balance sheet of IT
is a requirement
 Mind the store: invest in underlying
capabilities to improve departmental
 Engage leadership: Solicit feedback
and understand priorities
 Knock down walls: tap into
ideas through new employee and
partnership channels
 Show, don’t tell: prototype and
demo to make art of the possible
become feasible
 Industrialize innovation:
standardize approach for new
As security breaches become more frequent, senior stakeholders
expect that their organizations will be kept safe and secure. CIOs can
create strong linkages between IT and other functions by emphasizing
cyber risk and privacy, embedding cyber defense as a discipline. IT
departments are in a position to orchestrate awareness of and
responses to cyber threats.

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