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7 Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Deloitte University Press | Tech Trends 2015 | @DeloitteOnTech @DU_Press #techtrends
 Clarify strategy: clearly define the
intention, value, and audience of the
 Establish ownership: placing effort
under an IT executive can simplify the
path forward
 Embrace the necessities: evaluate
the available tools, platforms, and
integration possibilities
 Plan big, start small:
businesses should balance payoff
with added complexity
 See it through: drive a sustained
campaign for awareness and
support, while keeping ongoing
documentation and maintenance
needs in mind
Cyber risk considerations should be at the heart of API strategies. An
API built with security in mind can be a more solid cornerstone of every
application it enables; done poorly, it can multiply application risks. New
controls and tools are likely necessary to protect unbounded potential
use cases while providing end-to-end effectiveness.

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