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The CMO Survey 2016

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Roles have broadened in the past five years, leaving marketers with a wide spectrum of responsibilities. Learn more in this year's CMO Survey: http://cmo.deloitte.com/xc/en/pages/solutions/cmosurvey.html?id=us:2sm:3ss:cmosurvey:eng:cons:082516

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The CMO Survey 2016

  1. 1. In collaboration with The CMO Survey 2016 say that marketing’s role has broadened say that it has significantly broadened 11% Which areas is marketing primarily responsible for in your firm?* 89% 79% 73% 68% 66% 67% 55% But capabilities are not up to par Marketers identified several gaps in high-priority capabilities 61% Marketers’ worlds are expansive and expanding Roles have broadened in the past five years, leaving marketers with a wide spectrum of responsibilities  Marketing hires External partners 5% 4%10% 7% Digital marketing spend Customer relationship management spend Social media Marketing analytics Marketing research Lead generation Advertising Promotion Positioning Public relations Competitive intelligence Marketers are planning to invest will it help? Marketers expect to spend more in areas of deficiency, hire, and leverage external partners Brand 76% 69% How has the marketer’s role within your organization changed? 81% © 2016 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Marketers’ average planned increase in investments in the next year Brand development and management Customer development and management Marketing innovation Digital marketing** Customer focus** Three of the five most important capabilities were also within the top five most frequently identified gaps Ranking of capability importance* Ranking of capability gaps Largest gap Smallest gap **Customer focus indicates actions that prioritize the customer; digital marketing includes digital strategy, social media, and mobile marketing Source: The CMO Survey, August 2016 High Low *Additional capabilities ranked in importance below marketing innovation: Marketing analytics Creative Omni-channel execution Agency management *Top 10 responsibilities of 22 potential options