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Visual studio 2015 - Application Insights

Nadat je, na veel bloed, zweet en tranen, je nieuwste applicatie hebt uitgerold, vraag je misschien af welke functionaliteit gebruikt wordt en of gebruikers tegen bugs aan lopen. Om hier inzicht in te krijgen is het belangrijk om telemetrische code toe te voegen tijdens de ontwikkeling. Wat je precies wil bijhouden over de applicatie hangt sterk af van de applicatie zelf. Of je nu een iOS, Android, of Windows apps hebt, of een J2EE of ASP.NET web applicatie, met behulp van Application Insights kan je deze informatie verzamelen en analyseren. In deze sessie kom je te weten welke mogelijkheden er zijn en hoe snel inzicht krijgt in het gebruik van je applicatie.

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Visual studio 2015 - Application Insights

  1. 1. Visual Studio 2015 Launch event Maak uw applicatie een succes met Application Insights
  2. 2. About me Mark van den Berg
  3. 3. Communicate @markvandenberg markvdb@delta-n.nl http://markberg.wordpress.com
  4. 4. Agenda • Modern Lifecycle Management • What is Application Insights • Getting Started • Understanding Your Customers
  5. 5. Building successful apps is hard! • Need for Speed - User retention requires constant improvement in performance & reliability • Constant Evolution - Services & mobile apps need to evolve rapidly to survive & grow • Continuous Delivery - Most major services push update as often as every day Success requires data-driven decision making • Making the right investments requires deep understanding of user behavior and habits Modern Lifecycle Management
  6. 6. Modern Lifecycle Management Plan Monitor + Learn Development Release Operations Develop + Test
  7. 7. Challenges and blockers • Lack of actionable and contextual information to resolve incidents • Inability to quickly detect, diagnose and triage application issues • Lack of collaboration between development and operations • Prioritization and validation of investments not based on real data Plan Monitor + Learn Development Release Operations Develop + Test
  8. 8. Am I meeting my service KPIs? What is the root cause? Is my application loading fast enough? Is my application UP or DOWN? How many people are impacted? Is my application crashing? What features are my customers using? How responsive are my dependency calls? How good is the end user experience? Faced these questions?
  9. 9. What is Application Insights
  10. 10. Application Insights Telemetry is collected at each tier: mobile applications, server applications and browser Telemetry arrives in the Application Insights service in the cloud where it is processed & stored Get a 360° view of the application including availability, performance and usage patterns
  11. 11. Key capabilities 360° View Across Availability, Performance & Usage • Overall app health via Overview Blade • Quickly correlate performance & usage data • Detailed insights with a click of a button through intuitive data exploration Fast & Powerful Diagnostics & Usage Insights • Quickly diagnose availability & performance issues • Learn & improve continuously with usage insights • Extend your telemetry data • Export your data for further analysis Built-in Analytics for any app • Supports any app type • Zero-click enablement • No-touch monitoring
  12. 12. 1 Sources of Telemetry Outside-in monitoring URL pings and web tests from 16 global points of presence Observed user behavior How is the application being used? Developer traces and events Whatever the developer would like to send to Application Insights Observed application behavior No coding required – service dependencies, queries, response time, exceptions, logs, etc. Infrastructure performance System performance counters 2 3 4 5
  13. 13. • Provides a summary of the application’s health - availability, performance and usage Overview Blade Out of the box experience
  14. 14. • Correlate performance and usage in a single view • Pinpoint problems and investigate questions like “Do I have network performance issues that hurt user adoption?” • Click on specific metric and drill into detailed information and answer questions such as “what request is failing the most?” Drill down Detailed insights with the click of a button
  15. 15. • Metrics Explorer provides a flexible multi-dimensional UI over custom and out-of-the-box telemetry collected • Diagnostic Search enables efficient search over large sets of data using the query experience Drill down tools Powerful insights with Metrics Explorer and Diagnostic Search
  16. 16. Identify & triage availability issues • Monitor your web sites with simple pings to complex web tests from points around the world Diagnose & solve performance problems • Quickly diagnose issues by accessing rich application performance data from the client view to dependencies Fast and powerful insights
  17. 17. Mobile crash/sever exception analytics • Real time view of crashes happening on devices, allowing you to focus on fixing key issues with the biggest impact first Fast and powerful insights
  18. 18. Getting Started
  19. 19. Easily add analytics across multiple platforms including: ASP.NET, Java/J2EE, iOS, Android, Windows, as well as OSS technologies such as Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. Built-in Analytics Any app support
  20. 20. Understanding Your Customers
  21. 21. • Understand where your users are coming from and where they spend most of their time • Prioritize future investments and continuously improve your app based on user activity and usage patterns and trends Fast and powerful insights Learn & improve with usage insights
  22. 22. • Add custom metrics and events to better track and analyze user activity • Continuously Export data to Azure Blob Storage for custom integration with other data sources and further analysis Fast and powerful insights Extend telemetry data
  23. 23. Public Preview Available in 3 tiers • Free, • Standard • Premium Differentiated mainly on data volume and retention limits
  24. 24. Vragen
  25. 25. Visual Studio TFS 2015 Launch Event Cross Platform Development 3 november 2015 16:00 – 19:30 Den Haag Toegang gratis Meer informatie en aanmelden via: Visual Studio TFS 2015 – Cross Platform Development Globaal Programma: - Visual Studio 2015 overview door Microsoft - Migreren naar Visual Studio Online - Cross-platform apps bouwen met VSO Build vNext - Containers en Cross-Platform Development