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Lean in : Build Your Success Tribe

Build your success tribe. Everyone needs one. Find out how to attract your success tribe. Who should be in your success tribe? Find out how to exceed your brilliance quota! Your brilliance quota is a way to shine and attract others resulting in achieving your personal expectations. Life is about constantly improving. Let's do this!

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Lean in : Build Your Success Tribe

  1. 1. Build Your Success Tribe Exceed your brilliance quota by... Presented Denise Reed
  2. 2. Event Sponsor
  3. 3. Meet our featured expert Meet Margie Warrell our featured expert for this event. She is a featured in Success Magazine, best-selling author and international speaker who is passionate about helping people be more courageous in work, leadership and life. Margie runs “courage building” programs with organizations worldwide, from NASA to Wells Fargo and the UN Foundation.
  4. 4. Lean In: How to Build the Tribe Your Success Depends On
  5. 5. Build Your Success Tribe ● Find out how to attract your success tribe. ● Who should be in your success tribe? ● Find out how to exceed your brilliance quota!
  6. 6. Your success tribe A group of people you want to attract that will help you develop a better you!
  7. 7. Attract your success tribe. It starts with you! It begins by asking questions. Where do you start? ● Where are you? ○ Take a personal inventory of your life perception. Write it out. ■ How do you see yourself? ■ Describe your circle of influencers (business connections) and their impact on your life. ■ Describe the impact of your friends on your life. ■ Describe the impact of your family on your life. ■ What’s your current attitude? ■ What really makes you happy?
  8. 8. Attract your success tribe. Keep going. What do you want. What’s next? ● Create a mindset shift toward your version of success. You attract what you project. ○ Where do you want to be? ■ Describe what success is to you. ● Write it! ● Draw it! ● Speak it! ■ Make the experience real to you. ■ Use all your senses in the descriptions of where you want to be.
  9. 9. Attract your success tribe. Go Further. Have you thought about this? Attract more... ● Are you in a relationship habit? Is it a positive experience? ● Do you have ambitions? What are the ambitions of people around you? ● Do you need a whole new tribe or just a few replacements? ● How can you help your success tribe? ● How could you encourage, inspire and challenge yourself to seek opportunities?
  10. 10. Who should be in your success tribe? Who do you want to attract? Tell yourself about them. ● Why do you want to meet them? ● How will these relationships impact you? ● What’s on their minds? ● Who do they know? ● What interests them? ● Where would your success tribe hang out? ○ Is the experience out there? ○ Do you need to create the experience for them?
  11. 11. Exceed your brilliance quota! Brilliance a way to shine and attract others Quota achievement expectations
  12. 12. Exceed your brilliance quota! Success.com shared “8 Traits You Need to Be Successful (Your IQ Isn't One of Them).” ● This infographic reveals intelligence will only take you part of the way to achieving your goals. ● The rest of the adventure is determined by hard work and social skill development. Cheers to meeting new people and trying new things as way to create your vision of success! The secret is not so secret.
  13. 13. Exceed your brilliance quota! ● Learn “where you are.” ● Determine what you want. ● Create a process to improve your experience! This is your plan to transition. ● What one thing could you do to shine today? Reflect your brilliance to others! The more you shine, more people will see you. ● Create some milestones along the way so you know you’re making progress. Celebrate! ● Everything counts! Life is about your personal process to improve. ● Surround yourself with people that generate your success!
  14. 14. Presented by: Denise Reed www.DeniseReed.is Connect with Denise in: