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How to Measure & Build Social Influence

Are we in the reputation economy?

How do we measure online reputation and what can we actually use it for?

How does this translate in private enterprise social networks (like Chatter).

How can I build influence myself?

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How to Measure & Build Social Influence

  1. 1. Understanding & Building Social InfluenceDerek Laney James DellowDirector of Product Mktg Social Business Consultantsalesforce.com Ripple Effect @derektweets @chieftech In/derektweets In/chieftech
  2. 2. Welcome to the Reputation Economy
  3. 3. Sources of Influence
  4. 4. Sources of Influence – Not all about reach
  5. 5. Measuring Influence Can you move What do you Who Responds Content? talk about?
  6. 6. Example
  7. 7. Building Your Influence
  8. 8. Or Game it
  9. 9. More…Download our latest eBook
  10. 10. Value or Vanity?
  11. 11. Understanding & BuildingSocial InfluenceIn Employee Social NetworksJames Dellow – Ripple Effect GroupSocial Business Design Consultant @chieftech linked.in.com/In/chieftech
  12. 12. Organisations are still made of people.
  13. 13. “The greatest predictor of success andhappiness at work is social support.”
  14. 14. Why build personal brand internally?• Influence beyond the influence of your role• Create an internal network that can overcome inefficient information flow (including information gatekeepers)• Build and maintain social capital with weak ties - colleagues you do not know well or previously worked with• Social support – organisations are made of people who want to connect with each other• Career advancement, by demonstrating expertise or participation in a community of practice
  15. 15. How can you use social networking internally?• Technology (enterprise social software) • allows you to build and maintain strong and weak relationships that would not otherwise be possible in a modern, large organisation.• You maintain strong and weak relationships online through: • Social capital – active engagement with others, showing reciprocity and working together online • Connecting - Referring people to other people, information or resources that can help them • Knowledge sharing - Demonstrating expertise• Tips: • Maintain your user profile • Engage purposefully, online & offline
  16. 16. Case Study: Social Learning • Executive Coaching program • Objective: Social Learning • Extend participant engagement at pre- and post-work stages of training programs • Create a sense of community to reinforce learning • Target Audience: 2,500+ participants • Results • 95% course completion rates • 80% continue program • Deeper levels of learning • Source: Ripple Effect Group
  17. 17. THANK YOU
  18. 18. Social Intelligence: Discover What’s ImportantInfluence and Topic Trends Recommendations Identify the Influencers and Trends Connect Users to Relevant, People, Across your Company and Community Groups, Files and Data from Anywhere Topic Pages Contextual Topic Suggestions Recommendations (Process-Specific) Topical Influence
  19. 19. Using Business Social NetworksCollaborate with members of Customer teamsCommunicate within departments and across functional groups
  20. 20. Using Business Social NetworksCollaborate onsales effortsGet quick answersand best practicesfrom experts
  21. 21. Using Business Social NetworksInstantly view thelatest updates tocriticalopportunities,cases, etc.Manual andautomated updatesimmediately appearin the Chatter feed
  22. 22. Using Business Social NetworksShare your workand ideasAsk complexquestions – getcomplex, accurateanswers quickly
  23. 23. Using Business Social NetworksCommunicate“What am I workingon” or “Where amI?”Share your ownexpertise and workexperience
  24. 24. Using Business Social NetworksMajor Events: postgeneral informationOne-off Groups:Communicate within your owncommunity
  25. 25. Share wins so everyone benefits “Highlight wins vs. competitors so every sales person can turn a recent win into a competitive weapon”
  26. 26. Other Uses of Employee Networks?• Find other experts• Communicate your status• Improve communication on global groups and projects• Share best practices• Use chatter as an employee directory• Celebrate achievements and success• Collaborate privately on sensitive projects• Stay connected with colleagues

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Are we in the reputation economy? How do we measure online reputation and what can we actually use it for? How does this translate in private enterprise social networks (like Chatter). How can I build influence myself?


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