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10 Ways To Turn Customers Off Your Website!

If you own a business, you can probably relate to how your sales can skyrocket or sink to rock bottom when running a business website. You know your business, you know your audience, and you’ve got a good startup. Now that you’re ready to cut the big bow tied on the World Wide Web gateway, you see the visitors leaving with loathed expressions.

Let’s figure out the 10 cardinal sins of online customer repellency.

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10 Ways To Turn Customers Off Your Website!

  1. 1. 10 Ways To Turn Customers Off Your Website
  2. 2. Your website is your front door for many of your customers.
  3. 3. Incorporating Customer-repellent Content
  4. 4. Buyers Journey and content for each stage
  5. 5. Branding on the Verge of Redundancy
  6. 6. The slow-mo loading websites
  7. 7. Lack evidence of business credibility
  8. 8. Missing contact info
  9. 9. Awful call to action
  10. 10. Popular CTA locations
  11. 11. The Typo in Website content
  12. 12. The Pandora’s box of navigation
  13. 13. The ancient website epitome
  14. 14. The curse of mobile-negative website
  15. 15. Design to engage, sign up on DesignMantic!