20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design

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20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design
BOOMERANG: reflects uniqueness and makes an impact.
BOOMERANG in logo design.
OVERLAPPING LINES: depict crossover diversity and bonding.
Overlapping lines in logo design.
DOTS: Indicate accessibility and robustness.
Dots in logo design.
ANCHOR: symbolizes sturdiness.
Anchor in logo design.
SPARKLE: denotes freshness & happiness.
Sparkle in logo design.
SLASH MARK: directs adaptability and tech shrewdness .
Slash Mark in logo design.
Twisted Rope: signifies solid form and firm commitment.
Twisted Rope in logo design.
Bar Graph: emphasizes progressive approach.
Bar Graph in Logo Design.
Trixelate: sparks innovation and indicates variety.
Trixelate in logo design.
Check Boards: boosts strategic appeal and goodness.
Check boards in logo design.
Cocentric Lines: volumnize identity and showcase depth.
Cocentric Lines in logo design.
Crown: depicts superiority and persistence.
Crown in logo design.
Overlapping Circles: demonstrate bonding and connectivity.
Overlapping Circles in logo design.
Bisecting Planes: reflect adaptability and ability to grow.
Bisecting Planes in logo design.
Leaves: indicate newness and innovation for good.
Leaves in logo design.
Spiral: signifies continuity and diligence.
Spiral in logo design.
Rays: indicate importance or a call for reverence.
Rays in logo design.
Random Sticks: represent diversity of ideas and stability.
Random Sticks in logo design.
Owl: symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.
Owl in logo design.
Arrow: indicates direction and forwardness.
Arrow in logo design.
20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design
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20 Fantastic Flat Icons and Their Meaning In Logo Design