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The Emotion Guide Of Popular Brand Logos

Emotional Design is something that enables the customers to connect with the company on a personal level, an image that immediately brings some form of emotional contact, inspires some wonderful feeling of either joy or confidence and pleasure. All such feelings have the quality to create a lasting impact, that when they are generated they form a bond, and whenever the image or the logo is revisited, it triggers the same feelings of closeness and sense of security that the customer has associated with the said brand.

Here is our intuitive guide that will help you recognize and strengthen your connection with the brand. Do tell us what kind of emotion these brand/logo communicate for you.

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The Emotion Guide Of Popular Brand Logos

  2. 2. 10 LOGOS that will make you SMILE. cheerful, fun, lively, fresh, friendly…
  3. 3. walmart
  4. 4. Amazon
  5. 5. General Electronics
  6. 6. Jelly Belly
  7. 7. Cadbury’s
  8. 8. Hasbro
  9. 9. Kraft Foods
  10. 10. Taco Bell
  11. 11. Nickelodeon
  12. 12. Walt Disney
  13. 13. 10 Logos that will turn your SMILE UPSIDE DOWN. gloomy, lifeless, dull, timeworn, aloof…
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. VISA
  16. 16. Hershey’s
  17. 17. BlackBerry
  18. 18. Starbucks
  19. 19. Philips
  20. 20. Sears
  21. 21. Go Daddy
  22. 22. Mitsubishi
  23. 23. Xbox 360
  24. 24. What Emotion Is Your Logo? CONNECT WITH US.