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The Horrors of Design In Healthcare

The disparity between the clinicians and the patients can be shrunk if the medical designers pay close attention to the environment they’re dwelling in. Not only can they avoid the logo design mistakes, but can also increase the chance to help the patients heal to wellness – only with effective design.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly in healthcare design.

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The Horrors of Design In Healthcare

  1. 1. The Horrors of Design In Healthcare
  2. 2. On average Americans spend $2.8 Trillion on healthcare each year.
  3. 3. Bad design in healthcare …
  4. 4. The million dollar question
  5. 5. Biggest goofs in the history of healthcare design …
  6. 6. Epipen Injection – Case Study
  7. 7. The major design flaw in Epipen Injections.
  8. 8. Comic Sans for Cancer – Case Study
  9. 9. Comic Sans for Cancer Campaign
  10. 10. Logo Fails – Case Study
  11. 11. Major healthcare logo failures
  12. 12. Neglected design in healthcare
  13. 13. “Healthcare considers the end-user to be the clinician not the patient: clear product information and identification always comes above corporate branding.”
  14. 14. 7 Healthcare Design Tips
  15. 15. Healthy interaction inspires healthy design
  16. 16. Exhibit your skills as a healthcare provider.
  17. 17. Improve on the professional-patient user experience design
  18. 18. Research your healthcare environment
  19. 19. Visualize the information
  20. 20. Design and learn from unsuccessful projects.
  21. 21. Connect ideas, people, patients and experts.
  22. 22. DesignMantic