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  1. 1. ENGLISH  4   LISTENING   MUSIC   N’DOUR  CLAIMS  POPULAR  DEMAND  FOR  SENEGAL  PRESIDENCY     FROM  :  EURONEWS,  24.8.2010         1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   40   41     Youssou   N'Dour   was   born   in   Dakar,   Senegal   on   October   1,   1959.   He   began   playing   and   performing   music   in   his   early   teens,   and   a   few   years   later,   found   himself   joining   The   Star   Band,   one   of   Senegal's   most   popular   musical   ensembles.   Youssou   N'Dour   went   on   to   form   his   own   group,   Etoile   de   Dakar,   and   his   rise   to   international   superstardom  went  on  from  there.     World  famous  Senegalese  musician  Youssou  N’Dour  says  he  wants  to  give  up  music  for  politics  and  will  run  for   president  of  his  West  African  nation.   Euronews  spoke  to  him  about  why  he  has  made  that  decision.   François   Chignac,   euronews:   “You   have   just   announced   you   will   be   a   candidate   in   Senegal’s   presidential   election,   to   be   held   next   month.   Our   first   question   is   simple.   Why   are   you   entering   the   race   so   late   when   only   a   few  months  ago  you  were  saying  you  would  never  be  a  candidate?”     Youssou  N’Dour:   “Since   the   start   of   my   career   I’ve   spoken   with   this   country’s   leaders.   Through   my   music   I’ve   spoken   about   its   people  and  the  situation  in  the  country,  but  I  don’t  think  they’ve  listened.  Plus  I  think  I’m  a  Senegalese  political   figure  anyway;  I’ve  realised  our  democracy  is  in  danger,  and  I  believe  I  offer  an  alternative,  based  on  what  I’ve   lived,  and  what’s  happened  around  me.”   euronews:  “Do  you  really  appreciate  the  scale  of  the  challenge  of  this  candidacy?”   Youssou  N’Dour:   “I   can   assure   you   I’m   no   adventurer.   My   project   is   a   long-­‐term   one.   Ask   instead   the   authorities   to   do   their   utmost   to   ensure   free   and   fair   elections,   and   democracy   will   reward   the   best   candidate.   If   we   get   a   free   election,   I’ll   win,   I   have   no   doubt.   The   Senegalese   people   are   with   me,   we   know   exactly   what   they   think   and   what  they  will  do  at  the  polls.  Now  it’s  up  to  the  authorities.  Abdoulaye  Wade  is  responsible.  What  we’ve  seen   up  to  now  doesn’t  reassure  us,  so  we  also  want  the  international  community  to  make  sure  we  have  a  perfectly   democratic  vote.”   euronews:   “What   do   you   think   of   the   candidature   of   the   current   president   and   your   main   rival,   Abdoulaye   Wade?”   Youssou  N’Dour:   “He  doesn’t  even  have  the  right  to  stand.  Our  constitution  bars  him  from  a  third  mandate;  it  should  rule  him  out   of  even  standing!  I  don’t  consider  him  a  candidate,  he’s  trying  to  force  the  issue  and  I  don’t  think  he  cares  if  that   brings   trouble   and   destabilisation.   I   say   it’s   better   to   prevent   than   cure.   The   Senegalese   people   have   demonstrated   several   times   already   that   they   don’t   want   Wade   to   drive   a   coach   and   horses   through   the   constitution.”   euronews:  “You  made  Senegal’s  traditional  music  famous  on  stages  around  the  world.  Do  you  want  to  do  the   same  for  Senegal?  The  country  hasn’t  been  very  visible  in  recent  years.”   Youssou  N’Dour:   “Just  me  standing  as  a  candidate  has  drawn  the  eyes  of  the  world  towards  Senegal,  and  that’s  good  because  we   want   clean   elections.   If   I   win   in   the   first   round,   well,   we’ll   be   in   orbit   and   I’ll   be   travelling   everywhere   to   talk   about   co-­‐operation   and   a   new   Senegal.   I’ll   have   to   ensure   all   our   partners   share   our   vision,   a   vision   that   is   coming  from  the  grass  roots,  the  people  of  Senegal,  responding  to  their  real  needs.”   euronews:   “Finally,   several   African   leaders   have   appeared,   or   are   appearing,   at   the   International   Criminal   Court.   Has   Africa   obtained  better  governments  by  allowing  these  trials?”   Youssou  N’Dour:   “The   International   Criminal   Court   has   intervened   in   many   counties   and   played   its   role.   What   I   find   deplorable   is   that  there’s  no  similar  tribunal  either  organised  by  the  African  Union  or  an  African  country,  where  any  citizen   can  be  tried,  no  matter  who  they  are.”       PHOTO  ,  VIDEO  AND  SCRIPT  :  http://www.euronews.net/2012/01/12/n-­‐dour-­‐speaks-­‐about-­‐senegalese-­‐candidacy   TEXT  IN  BOX  :    http://worldmusic.about.com/od/bandsartistsaz/p/YoussouNDour.htm   1