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Mitte pitch deck

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Pitch Deck von mitte

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Mitte pitch deck

  1. 1. Healthy water is pure water + essential minerals ‘Some 21 mineral elements are known to be essential for humans’ ‘Health consequences of micro-nutrient deficiencies include increased morbidity, mortality due to reduced immune defence systems and impaired physical and mental development.’ Source: Report on Nutrients in Drinking Water WHO, 2005
  2. 2. Our goal: changing water consumption Tap water is often impure and unreliable Create clean contaminant free water at home Bottles are unsustainable and expensive Replace bottled mineral water with a superior alternative Other purifiers just purify and do not enhance Make water that is not just pure, but healthy with essential minerals
  3. 3. Our vision: change water globally Reach Personalisation Platform & Services 2018 2019 2020 USA and Europe Mineral Cartridges More Markets New Products Licencing for IoT Backend Data Ingredient Partnerships Under Sink Solutions Marketplace for Ingredients Personalised Pods B2C B2B Products Waters Emerging Countries Developing Countries Start in premium and home markets, but quickly expand in product offer and geographies Lower Cost Model
  4. 4. The world’s first connected home water system to purify and personalize your daily drinking water Create healthy mineral water at home
  5. 5. Purest cleanest water on the market Pure water is used as a basis for re-mineralization to create healthy waters Connectivity for peace of mind and convenience Purification Personalization Connectivity mitte® is the unique combination of purification, personlization and connectivity
  6. 6. Create personalized healthy mineral waters- as powerful as the natural water cycle Surface water such as oceans and rivers Input Water Surface water evaporates into water vapour Evaporation Rain and surface water flows through rocks and collects minerals on its path Mineralization Water molecules condense into water droplets which then fall as rain Condensation
  7. 7. mitte®’s patent pending purification by distillation has great advantages over other purification technologies Cleanest water created with proprietary IP - 60x cleaner than a Brita Pitcher Only solution with ultimate purification consistency No replacement needed - ever
  8. 8. Cartridge enables the user to create personalized healthy mineral waters Replacement of bottled mineral waters Capacity of 400 Litres RFID enabled to ensure convenient automatic re-ordering Cartridge options with varying mineralization levels to personalize water
  9. 9. Three mineral cartridge options mitte® launches with three mineral cartridge options for the personalization of waters A soft and balanced daily drinking water, characterized by its neutral taste, containing the main essential minerals that your body requires. A crisp, tasty daily drinking water with a rich variety of minerals that provides intense hydration to vitalise your body. Alkaline daily drinking water with a high pH, rich in minerals and antioxidants that contributes to combating oxidation in your cells and acid-base imbalance in your body. Potassium silicate Maifan stone Magnesia Calcite Activated coconut shell carbon Like a Like a Like a
  10. 10. Simple on-boarding and custom dispense cards Water quality tracking, machine and user data Automatic cartridge subscription management The App drives user product engagement and experience
  11. 11. For every litre of water a customer uses we donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water to someone in need. Customer can view live data of total and own donations to water projects implemented by our partner water.org. mitte® one-for-one water guarantee generates additional positive social impact
  12. 12. mitte® connected ecosystem enables recurring revenues of scale Hardware Core features Cartridge RFID enabled Payment CRM BI Website & Shop Product ordering App Enhanced features and automatic cartridge subscription 3rd Party Integration State-of-the-art IoT Backend Speed, Scalability, Analytics
  13. 13. Strong and growing need for clean and healthy water ...strong growth of USD >200bn water marketHealthy hydration is on the rise... Bottled Water Carbonated Soft Drinks United States - Consumption per person Sources: Beverage Marketing Corporation / Transparency Market Research / Technavio USDBillion Gallons 0 5025 10030 15035 20040 25045 30050 20152006 20162008 20172010 20182012 20192014 20202016 20212018 9.6% p.a Water Purification Machines 6.6% p.a Bottled Water
  14. 14. Offering a premium product at a competitive price USA FranceGermany China *based on 40 EUR / 400 Liters cartridges. Price validated in in-depth user interviews. Functional water Premium water Private label water ActiveO2 1.50 EURO 2.00 EURO 1.00 EURO Price(€)/L 0.50 EURO Evian Lidl Essentia Mizone Volvic Juicy Fiji GRBQ Badoit Walmart Great.. Nongfu Spring Carrefour mitte® € 0.10* per Liter
  15. 15. mitte®’s unique market position- line extension of purifier market category ✓ Highest purity ✓ Personalized mineral waters ✓ Connected IoT Completely Pure Water Effectiveness of Purification Healthy Minerals & Personalization Tap Water Particle Size (μm) 0.01 0.001 0.0001 0.00001 Ion Exchange Active Carbon Reverse Osmosis Essential Minerals
  16. 16. Machine 399 EUR 15% Margin 60 EUR Profit Cartridges 50 EUR /unit 80% Margin 40 EUR Profit /unit Replaced 4 x per year 480 EUR Lifetime profit App Smart Subscription: Automatic usage based cartridge ordering Like a smart and sustainable ‘Nespresso for water’ *Conservative calculation after 36 months including churn. Lifetime Value* 540 EUR
  17. 17. • Pre-orders on Crowdfunding Platform • mitte® Website • Amazon Launchpad • Pop-up Stores • mitte® Website • E-Commerce Partners like Lazada in SEA, JD in China, and Flipkart in India • Pop-up Stores • mitte® Flagship Stores • Retail Distribution Partners • Campaign Page • Performance Marketing • Public Relations • Social Media • Email Marketing • Partners • Amazon Store • Digital Branding • Digital Advertising • Performance Marketing • Public Relations • Social Media • Content Distribution/ SEO • Digital Store Fronts • Cross Promotions with Partners • Digital Advertising • Performance Marketing • Public Relations • Social Media • Field Marketing • ATL/BTL • Sales Promotions Stage 1 Crowdfunding DistributionDemandGeneration Stage 2 Introduction Stage 3 Growth Stage 4 Extension Time Distribution & Demand Generation
  18. 18. Purification, personalization and connectivity logic can be applied globally Target market characteristics Access to tap water Smartphone connectivity Developed countries Total addressable market 190m households Core potential (10%) 19m units Focus 2018 Emerging countries Total addressable market 340m households Core potential (5%) 17m units Focus 2019
  19. 19. Experienced team fully set-up to implement our vision Moritz Waldstein-Wartenberg Christophe Maire Döhler Technology Marketing CEO Co-Founder of Coffee Circle | Roland Berger, TechnoServe ESCP Europe, MSc International Management | BMW Young Leader Co-Founder of HERE | CEO of Atlantic Labs European Seed Investor of the Year 2015 | SoundCloud, GoEuro, Clue Product research & development support | One of world’s leading producers of natural beverage ingredients | Representations in 130 countries and production on 5 continents Semiconductor hardware consulting Riber S.A. | Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik | PhD, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (University of Sheffield) Head of Marketing for OnePlus | CMO of Razorpay |  | Director B2B Business Flipkart | Founder of Perkylane.com SaaS | MA University of Delhi Dr. Faebian Bastiman Karan Sarin Product Advisors & Investors CTO CMO Mechanical Electrical / Embedded Cloud / Backend Biology Business Development UX / UI / Design Content / Performance
  20. 20. Apr 2018 Sep 2018Jun 2018 Sep 2018 Oct 2017 Nov 2017 Jan 2018 Dec 2017 Our ambitious but realistic road map Kickstarter Presales Shipping Launch Direct Sales Kickstarter Campaign ✓ Seed Funding ✓ EU Fund ProFIT Innovation Grant & Loan ✓ Core Tech Developed ✓ Functioning Prototype ✓ Patents filed Production Setup Series A Funding Series B Funding iOS & Android App Retail Launch USA and EU
  21. 21. Global impact of mitte® by 2025 620,000 tons of CO2 avoided 30m Euros of donations collected 114 tons of nitrates removed 23bn liters of water purified In 2025 3m Units 990m Hardware revenue 243m Consumable revenue Cummulated Impact 7.5bn plastic bottles avoided