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Comparing Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Performance Across Various Kubernetes Platforms

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With the growing adoption of Kubernetes, organizations want to take advantage of containerized Microsoft SQL Server 2019 to optimize transactional performance and accelerate time-to-insights from their business-critical data. However, as enterprises embrace hybrid cloud strategy, they need to consider several aspects based on the performance, cost and data protection requirements for running enterprise-grade SQL Server databases.

In this webinar, we will compare and contrast various cloud-native platforms for SQL Server that would help CIOs, DevOps engineers, database administrators and applications architects to determine the most suitable platform that fits their business needs.

Join us as we explore some exciting results from a recent performance benchmark study conducted by McKnight Consulting Group, an independent consulting firm, to compare the performance of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on the best possible configurations of the following Kubernetes platforms:

Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform
Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS)
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Topics will include:
Platform considerations and requirements for running Microsoft SQL Server 2019
Performance comparison and analysis of running SQL Server on various platform
Best practices for running containerized SQL Server databases in Kubernetes environment

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Comparing Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Performance Across Various Kubernetes Platforms

  1. 1. SQL Server 2019 Benchmark Comparison on Various Kubernetes platforms Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service Azure Kubernetes Service
  2. 2. Containerized SQL Server Performance Testing Dr. Jake Dolezal Practice Lead McKnight Consulting Group Arvind Gupta Principal Solutions Architect, Lead Diamanti
  3. 3. Polling Question
  4. 4. Platforms Tested Cloud Only Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Hybrid Cloud
  5. 5. • Two deployment options: • Managed deployment on Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) • Serverless PaaS on AWS Fargate • Nitro-enabled EC2 Instances • r5d.8xlarge with 32 2nd generation Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series processors • Elastic Band Storage (EBS) performance options: • General Purpose (gp2) • 3 16K IOPS per 1GB • Provisioned IOPS (io1/io2) • Up to 64,000 16K IOPS EKS Control Plane EC2 Compute EBS Storage Elastic Kubernetes Service
  6. 6. Azure Kubernetes Service • Two deployment options: • Managed deployment on Azure Virtual Machines • Serverless PaaS • Azure Virtual Machine • E32as_v4 with 32 AMD EPYC 7452 processors • Azure Managed Disk performance options: • Premium Disk • Fixed IOPS per disk size • Ultra Disk • Up to 80,000 16K IOPS • 2,000 MB/s Throughput AKS Control Plane Azure VM Managed Disk
  7. 7. • Deployment options: • On-prem – Offload (ultima offload) cards and HCI Kubernetes platform • Cloud – Kubernetes data plane (Ultima) for major clouds (Azure, AWS, Google) • Hybrid cloud - Global management across on-prem and public cloud for any Kubernetes platform with Diamanti spectra and hybrid cloud data services with Diamanti Ultima • HCI Kubernetes Platform for high performance • D20- Small (40 cores, 512G memory) • Storage and Network offload • Up to 1Million 4K IOPS • IOPS not limited by volume size • PCIe SRIOV virtualization with built-in CSI and CNI • QOS guarantee for both networking and storage Diamanti Spektra (Control Plane) Bare Metal X86 (HW acceleration) Diamanti Storage Diamanti Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Diamanti HCI Diamanti Ultima (Data Plane)
  8. 8. SQL Server on Kubernetes • Ubiquitous database, around since 1989 • Good for multi-purpose OLTP and OLAP workloads • Public Docker images on Microsoft-certified repository +
  9. 9. Pod Configuration Operating System Image RHEL 7.6 2019-CU5-rhel-7.6 Database Repository SQL Server 2019 Enterprise mcr.microsoft.com/mssql/rhel/server CPU 32 Memory 32 GB Constrained memory to drive more I/O to disk!
  10. 10. TPC-H Benchmark • Transaction Performance Council (TPC-H) • http://www.tpc.org/tpch/ • Industry-accepted, widely-used testing workload • Suite of business-oriented ad-hoc queries for broad industry-wide relevance • HammerDB v.3.3 • Free and open source
  11. 11. Build Phase Run Phase Node Pod Node Pod Node Pod Scale Factor 100 GB 300 GB Node Pod Virtual Users 8 16 Load Data 22 Queries 1 32 TPC-H Benchmark
  12. 12. Nitro Nitro Nitro Test Results
  13. 13. Test Results Nitro Nitro Nitro
  14. 14. Price-Performance Metric • TPC-H Power@Size = • TPC-H Throughput@Size = (Streams * 22 * 3600) / ExecTime * SF • TPC-H QphH@Size = TPC-H How much query processing do you get for your money?
  15. 15. System Under Test Pricing • Used System Under Test (SUT) pricing guidance from TPC • 3-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) = Compute + Storage + Networking + Support • Single EC2 Instance • Used cheapest possible public pricing • 3-year Reserved pricing • Paid all up-front • Single Azure VM • Used cheapest possible public pricing • 3-year Reserved pricing compute • 1-year Reserved Premium Disk • Paid all up-front • Single D20 bare metal node • Used Subscription-based pricing • Sticker price • Contact Diamanti Sales for further details
  16. 16. Price-Performance Nitro Nitro Nitro
  17. 17. Price-Performance Nitro Nitro
  18. 18. Performance Scaling Diamanti AWS Nitro gp2 AWS Nitro io1/io2
  19. 19. Azure premium Diamanti Azure ultra Performance Scaling
  20. 20. Storage performance (IOPS)
  21. 21. Storage performance (IO Wait Time)
  22. 22. Storage performance (Disk Latency)
  23. 23. Quality of Service (QoS) high medium best-effort D20
  24. 24. Polling Question
  25. 25. Diamanti Under the Hood
  26. 26. Diamanti: A Complete Kubernetes Solution Hybrid Cloud Management Plane Diamanti SPEKTRA
  27. 27. Diamanti: A Ture Hyper Converged Infrastructure HYPERVISOR NETWORKING VM VM VM VM …. STORAGE Medium (Outpost +Nitro) HYPERVISOR STORAGE NETWORKING VM VM VM VM …. Hyperconverged 1.0 Hyperconverged 1.5 Hyperconverged 2.0 Hardware Software Highest HostOverhead +Latency +Noisyneighbors +TCO Container Engine c c c c c c c HYPERVISOR STORAGE NETWORKING VM VM VM VM …. High Hyperconverged 3.0+ NETWORKING STORAGE Container Engine C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C KVM C C C C C C C KVM C KVM Lowest Container Engine c c c c c c c Container Engine c c c c c c c
  28. 28. Diamanti - Eliminating IO bottlenecks • Acceleration with HW offload for Networking, storage, security and management • Patented distributed file system for high performance • Zero garbage collection, low metadata overhead (patented) • Significant improvement of NVMe drive endurance (patented) • Enterprise-grade data services: mirroring, replication, instant allocate on write volume snapshots/restores, Pipeline architecture, lockless implementation, H/W queues for inter process communication • Low Uniform latency for sequential, random reads/writes, or mixed workloads • Guaranteed QoS facilitate elimination of over- provisioning & noisy neighbor
  29. 29. Database Management High Availability andFailover Backup andRestore Snapshot andCloning User andPolicy Management Monitoring & Logging HW Mirroring HW Offload Quality OfService MSSQL2019 Storage Network HW Offload Encryption LoadBalancing andTraffic Isolation Data, Control andStorage Traffic Isolation Scaling and Distributedtables Quality OfService MSSQL2019 & BDC x86 K8s OS Data planeSW Compute
  30. 30. More Info Download full report at https://diamanti.com/resources/benchmark-report-containerized-sql-server-performance-testing/ https://www.mcknightcg.com/ https://diamanti.com/
  31. 31. Questions? jdolezal@mcknightcg.com agupta@diamanti.com