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What is Tezos Blockchain?

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What is Tezos Blockchain? - Tezos is a self-amending cryptographic ledger for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Its highlights include formal verification — which allows blockchain developers to verify the correctness of their encrypted code — and the ability to let stakeholders vote on changes to the protocol layers - https://bit.ly/2WM5dgj

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What is Tezos Blockchain?

  1. 1. What is Tezos? A Step-By-Step Guide To Beginners
  2. 2. We Developcoins, Leading Cryptocurrency Development Company can help you in creating a crypto coin with advanced Tezos blockchain network that best suits for your business. Our blockchain developers provide complete blockchain based business solutions and always find the smart way to create your own cryptocurrency using the advanced blockchain network. Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that guides itself by building a true digital commonwealth and aid formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the truth of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts.
  3. 3. In this guide, we get into all the details including: ● What is Tezos? ● Tezos Team ● What are the types of Tezos Parallel Blockchain? ● How Does Tezos Work? ● What are the services of Tezos? ● Highlights of Tezos ● What is on-chain governance? ● What is Michelson? ● What are the advantages of Tezos? ● What is Tezos` RoadMap? ● Difference Between Tezos And Ethereum ● Where to Buy XTZ ● XTZ Trading History ● Where to Store XTZ ● What does it aim to solve? ● Understanding the Tezos amendment process ● Tezos Athens Proposals ● Final Thoughts ● Additional Tezos Resources
  4. 4. How it all started XTZ is the cryptocurrency of the Tezos platform. The Tezos Foundation has enlarged to focus on education, research, and content of its own platform. It is a good sign as the project aims to continue to grow and evolve with time. By following the path of research, Tezos can extract active attention from the industry. It can further help to push the cryptocurrency towards mass adoption in the future of the crypto market. A number of renowned institutions are involved with the platform’s educational and research efforts. Some popular names include INRIA, Cryptium Labs, Cornell University, France-IOI and more…
  5. 5. Who is behind Tezos? Tezos was developed by Arthur Breitman. He studied applied mathematics and computer science in France and then shifted to the U.S. to study financial mathematics. Kathleen Breitman, his wife, has also engaged in developing this project. She is a former employee of an enterprise software company which focuses on distributed database technology. In 2014 Arthur Breitman launched a paper where he stressed Bitcoin’s flaws. And he submitted his solution. It was a self-amending cryptocurrency. In 2015 Breitman needed to attract several banks. But this attempt failed. In 2016 the Breitman's decided to conduct an ICO. Over the half a year they got $612,000. The Tezos ICO was held on July 1st, 2017 and lasted for 13 days. Tezos received $232 million.
  6. 6. What is Tezos: New Platform for Smart Contract & Decentralized Applications Tezos is similar to other smart contracts and dApp platforms such as Ethereum, NEO, QTUM, ICON, Waves, etc but with one key difference, i.e, Tezos is a self-amending cryptographic ledger which can expand as per the needs of the industry without getting forked from time to time. In Tezos blockchain network, the stakeholders govern the protocol. Tezos has set out to create a true digital commonwealth, a network in which all people involved can let their voices be heard and have a shared honesty. Tezos explained as a brand-new peer-to-peer blockchain has helped a way of computation checking which proves the accuracy of the code which regulates all transactions.
  7. 7. Tezos Parallel Blockchain: Tezos has three parallel blockchains, that is called: ● Mainnet ● Alphanet ● Zeronet Mainnet is where tezos have a real dollar value and where the network is decentralized. Zeronet is a causing edge test network used mainly by the core developers and is reset usually many times per day.
  8. 8. Do you want to know How Does Tezos Work? & What are the services? Highlights of Tezos ! Explore more from here - Tezos Blockchain Startup Guide
  9. 9. About Developcoins Developcoins is the leading cryptocurrency development company here to create a complete customized Tezos token with Dapp system. We offer genuine services from our solidity code developer, which helps you to measures your business in a wide range. We create the Tezos dapp development the following criteria. ● Reliability & Scalability ● High Availability ● Low-Cost package ● User-friendly ● Inbuilt Smart contract ● Developed with unique Consensus
  10. 10. If you are looking to develop a Dapp with Tezos token, we are here to serve you at any time. Our blockchain experts will guide you and take your investment with Tezos blockchain to the next level.
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