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  1. We Search U4 A human research program Business contacts are generating in front of you A complete human research process for B2B contacts All are decision making and point-of-interest contacts All contacts are profile, e-mail and phone verified
  2. GENERATING BUSINESS DATA Working across almost all industries in the North America region, the team of "WeSearch4U"generatedfreshbusinessdatatothetuneof50kbyselecting a list of companies having revenue of 5 Million to 5 Billion, and a growth rate of50%to10000%. C-LEVEL CONTACTS We provide data for the following C-level contacts of the companies researched: CEO, COO, President, Owner, Chairman, CTO, CIO, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Architect, Chief Programming Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Data Officer, and all other C - levelITanddecisionmakingcontacts. VP & DIRECTOR-LEVEL CONTACTS We provide data for the following VP & Director-level contacts of the companies researched: VP of IT, SVP of IT, EVP of IT, SEVP of IT, VP GM of IT, SVP GM of IT, EVP GM of IT, SEVP GM of IT and all VP level of IT contacts, all VP - level decision making contacts, SVP, VP, EVP, SEVP operations and Director of IT, Senior Director of IT, and Senior Executive Director of IT. SELECTING COMPANIES LIST We use the following criteria to select companies: · Based on their revenue: from 5 M(Million) to 1 B (Billion) · And 1.1 B to 5 B, 5.1 B to 10 B, 10.1 B to 20 B and 20.1 B+ · Based on their size: Small, medium or large · Based on their growth: 50% to 10000% SELECTING COMPANIES LIST
  3. WHAT We generate current, point-of-interest, decision making and qualified businessdata/contactsforthoselookingforspecificindustriesandmarket. We generate specific business-critical data by mapping selected companies. We collect contact details from LinkedIn,, Salesforce and other social networking sites, and then verify them and their profiles using LinkedIn, company website, google+ and social networking sites. This helps us get access to current, verified, exact email address, phone number, original position, and original contact level (for point of interest and decision makingcontactsdata).Andverifytheirprofiles,e-mailandphonenumbers. Our experts work round the clock – 24*7*365 – to generate business data as per your requirements. Our team focuses on target industries and target market areas for generating a huge database of contacts that will help you meet your business objectives. Few Benefits of Working with us: As an affordable business contacts and business data solution provider, We Search 4 U seamlessly provides business data to your sales and business development teams for their day to day activities, helping them strengthen pipelines and find more prospects. This helps your teams to spend their time in a more effective way, towards a more efficient output. · Increase your sales and your revenues. · Save time and money · Enhance overall sales and business development and marketing team efficiency. · A motivated sales team that can close sales faster and get new customers. We differ from other business data generation companies by focusing on our unique search and research process that is a result of our 10 plus years of experience in IT sales, business development, marketing, data mining, and research by specialized experts who understand your business needs.
  4. WHO At We Search 4 U, our highly qualified experts work to generate rich and verified business data/contacts on demand. We search and research business data for point of interest and decision makers that invariably leads to business data generation, lead generation, appointment fixing, IT sales, businessdevelopment,marketing,socialselling,onlinemarketing,andemail marketing. We work on companies spanning most industries. Contacts role, position, and levels are verified for decision making and point of interest business data, and email IDs and phone numbers are verified for highly qualified businessdata. "We search 4 U" team works on your target industries and target market areas and generates particular business data that is delivered based on requirements that are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, as well as basedoncontract. POSITION-BASED CONTACTS: BUSINESS DATA ON DEMAND: We provide lists of the following point-of-interest and decision making contacts of the companies researched: President, Chairman, owner, CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CPO, CTA, CSIO, and all C-Level IT and decision making contacts,allVPsofIT,VPsofOperations,Decisionmakers,andallITDirectors. The We Search 4 U team is ready to work as per your target market areas, targeting industries as required, and deliver specific type of contacts as per your demand. The contacts can be delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,oragreement-basisaswell.
  5. WHY You can call and send direct emails to fully verified point of interest and decision makers by choosing our business data. We Search 4 U selects companies based on their revenue (from 5 Million to 5 Billion, from 5.1 Billion to 20 Billion and above 20.1 billion), based on their growth (50% to 10000%), andbasedonthecompany'ssize. We provide specific details for: · C - Level IT contacts (such as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Architect, Chief Programming Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Data Officer) andallotherC-levelITcontacts. · Executive level contacts (such as CEO, COO, President, and Owner/Chairman). · VP - Level IT contacts (such as VPs of IT, SVPs of IT, EVPs of IT, SEVPs of IT, VP GMs of IT, SVP GMs of IT, EVP GMs of IT, SEVP GMs of IT) and all other VP levelITcontacts. · Vice president - level contact; decision making contacts (such as SVP, VP, EVP,SEVP)decisionmakingVPsofoperations, · Directors and Senior Director, Executive Director and Senior Executive Directors level contacts of IT contacts and decision making Director contacts We also research contacts for special companies as per your business requirements(such as IT, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc.), research for special positions, research for special lists, research for special legacy data, researchforspecifiesindustries,andresearchfortargetmarket.