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Brochure content guardian_en

  1. 1. PRODUCTCATALOG Each day there is a producction, modification and accumulation of valuable information for you or your organization: Accounts,projects, plans, customer database, stok,among others. Whatever they are, these files are important, and you want it to be thre as longo as needed. However, even though we want to belive in their unvulnerability, that information that today is on your hard drive, tomorrow might not be there.Hard drives fail. Not frecquently, but they do, regardless of brand, size or maintenance. Fail due to accidents, falls, careless during updates,electrical surges, bty static electricity, among others. Dexon content Guardian is a product the allows yu to make Backups you need about the computers in your company or work stations that require it.This will automatically monitor and manage your most important files ensure the normal functioning of their technological activities,acting as insurance againts any unforeseen accidents,misuse or fraud technology. This backup is programmable and automatically performed, likewise the removal of file can be programmed to be automatically. The solution stores and identified with a unique Idin the Dexon Storage.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota, Colombiainfo@dexon.us www.dexon.us
  2. 2. PRODUCT BACKUP MANAGEMENTCATALOG Module that protects you data and files The agent can be configuren with paths for providing security stationas ans restore files files where they will make copies for security. in a centralized web.We offer a solution that For example if we want to make to save all differs from the others by providin the highest documents produce in Word or Exel in My standarts of capacity, cost, performance, Documents we configured a simple reliability. mochanism on the agent. Dexon storage backs With this module Guardian Content Dexon you up through the agent without having to can perform specific actions for the safety of manually program but it can be programmed your critical files such us: differentian in an intiutive way through the servise desk. It backups,incremental and complete self- allows you to schedule backups once or service portal for Web console users, repeatedly by month, day of the month, managing multiple versions of each backup weekday hours and/ or minutes. support ,undestanding and encryption of files scheduling of task to carryout Bachup, backup both files and folders, Backup historical Will allow you to monitor and manage reports made among others. Afther installing files automatically that ensure normal the program and the agent on the computer performance of your company. yu can select which files and which computer Acted safe against accidents, misuse you want to back up. You can creat as many files or fraud technology. groups of files as desire and assign different Will allow you to generate a Schedule or frecuency to each team, bye the schedule automatic back up as your specific time the agent sends information to the organization needs. server files DEXON. All work is performed Ensure the appropriate capacity a 100% automatically without requiring any workstation must have without losing supervision. files from it. Will allow a quick access to files without disrupting regular workstation activities.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota, Colombiainfo@dexon.us www.dexon.us
  3. 3. PRODUCT IMAGE DISKCATALOG Allows you to make an imege back to a Module that combines a set of methodologies partition or hard disk. and processes to manage licenses and Avoid having to reinstall your entire software items, there is a reduction cost and sustem or disk formatting problems implementing security in their software accurr. assets. Designed primarily to work for IT deparment is aligned to the objetives limiting organizational costs busimenn and legal risk related to the ownership and use of IT software. You can selectively back up and restore individual items, omitting very large files or directories.Dexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota, Colombiainfo@dexon.us www.dexon.us
  4. 4. PRODUCTCATALOGDexon Software SACustumer Service Line: + 57 (1) 2368633 Bogota, Colombiainfo@dexon.us www.dexon.us