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Polling system solution using blockchain & Liferay

  1. Polling System Solution Dhanraj Dadhich
  2. Registration and Security • The user receives three separate key-pairs at login. Each gives the user access to the service in various ways. • The sign in key-pair, for example, allows users future access to the platform, while the encryption key-pair lets the user receive information and a final ethereum account key-pair lets the user write smart contracts. • The identity itself is then created by populating fields in an existing ethereum smart contract with any number of attributes. • Attributes could be a finger print, retina scan, a drivers license or a passport. Then, a hash of that smart contract serves as the user's identification. • Only on the match and validation of data hash the records would be committed. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  3. Permissioned Access and Security © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. States of Data and Security • The data stored into the database will be encrypted to avoid identity threats. • System validates execution output and changes will merged on commit. • Delta hash must match to pass the validation. • A transaction's execution must first achieve consensus that it belongs and then be validated before its execution transpires. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. Integration of the protocol • System will use biometrically secured multi-signature transactions (Finger-print, Retina, Password, etc.). • System will use multifactor wallet that requires two of three keys for a transaction to take place. • Each key is generated and stored in a different location and is protected by a different authentication factor so that there’s no single point of failure. • Solution will be designed with protocol specific signed Distributed Hash Table with the hash of the public key. • OAuth will be used as one of the key authentication factor for key authentication. • 2 factor authentication will secure and make user friendly authentication like mobile and email OR mobile / email based OTP. Fingerprint PIN Retina Database Password OAuth User (Voter) © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. Transaction Security • Blockchain adds a persistent code and security layer to the process. • Each service / user in the network has its own copy of the blockchain attached to every asset. • As long as the chains are in sync, all user / services can be confident that the asset or transaction is valid. • Each time the asset is modified, a new block is added, creating a chain (hence the term). • All parties in the network receive a copy of the updated asset with the new blockchain. • As long as the blockchains match, there can be no question about authenticity. • if any blockchain doesn’t match the others, the asset is considered invalid and the update is rejected. • Updates happen very quickly, usually in milliseconds. • Each transaction is secured with the previous transaction’s hash and the public key of the next owner are digitally signed with the current owner’s private encryption key. • Once an entry is written into the block chain, it cannot be altered without regenerating the previous blocks. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. Polling System • User will get enrolled with the system using blockchain. • Enrolment will provide a token to validate and used for authorize or authenticate the user for future. • After enrolment for each transaction user will have a unique key which allow user to make secure and authenticated transaction. • Electoral authority only will be able to see the voted data not the transaction data but can verify. • Voting Manager will manage the votes and allow only authorized user to vote based on the configuration defined by manager (i.e. Zonal voting, State Voting, Society Voting, University Voting). • Voting manager will make secure connection with Voting Console which could be a device / web / mobile platform and provide receipts on successful voting. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. Delegation vote / Casting vote • Voters to the left of the blue line voted by delegation. • Voters to the right voted directly. • Numbers are the quantity of voters represented by each delegate. • The delegate included in the count. • Solution also will work in same manner where each voter and delegate will have its own enrolment certificate. • System will define the role of delegate where delegate’s transaction certificates will have included with a unique delegate code. • Each voter’s transaction will be associated with delegate’s transaction on time of delegate voting. • Transaction unique code will be stored in sequence in form of chain so fault can be easily identified and prevented in case if any. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. Technology Stack • Frontend – Liferay 7.0, AloyUI, D3, etc. • Backend – Java, JEE, Web Services, Blockchain (ethereum). • Encryption & Authentication – Triple DES, OAuth. • Server – Apache Server, Apache Tomcat, Cloud (Amazon). • Database – MySQL / Oracle / DB2 / Cassandra. (Based on discussion) • Mobile SDK – Android, iOS. • OS – Linux. • Other – GitHub, JIRA, Jenkins, JUnit, JMeter. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. Thank You!!! You should not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, re-post or use the content of the presentation for public or commercial purposes, including the text, images. All unauthorized use of the information contained on the presentation is strictly prohibited. D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD. has all rights reserved. © 2016 D FROZEN SOFT PVT. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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  1. A common error is to think that if encrypting some data strengthens security, then encrypting everything makes all data secure.